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Alternative Asia 2015
Alternative Asia
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Whether you want to explore Taiwan by train, hike the hills in Bhutan, delve in to the secret world of North Korea or sample Sichuan cuisine in China you’ll find all our favourite group tours, tailor-made holidays and alternative short breaks inside as well as new tours in Borneo, Bhutan and Indonesia.
Iceland & the Arctic 2015
Iceland & the Arctic
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Whether you want to chase the elusive northern lights in a jeep designed for adventure, stay in a hotel carved from ice or take to the open road to explore black sand beaches, dramatic waterfalls and imposing glaciers, order or download this brochure to discover our extensive collection of summer and winter holidays in Iceland and the Arctic.
Russia & Alternative Europe 2015
Russia & Alternative Europe
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From the ornate copulas of St Petersburg to the Ottoman treasures of Mostar, discover the hidden gems of Russia and Europe on a group tour, city break, fly-drive or tailor-made holiday. Order a copy of our 2015 Russia & Alternative Europe brochure which features a selection of our favourite holidays.
Small Group Tours 2015 2015
Small Group Tours 2015
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In this collection of some of our group tours for 2015, you will find our brand new tour of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as cultural journeys through Russia's Autonomous Republics, Montenegro's National Parks and North Korea's 'newly-opened' towns.

Our Sister Brands

Africa & Madagascar 2014
Africa & Madagascar
Rainbow Tours, has been organising award-wining tailor-made holidays to Africa since 1997. Safari and beach combinations to Southern and East Africa remain as popular as ever, as do their wildlife and cultural trips to Madagascar, Rwanda and Ethiopia.
Latin America 2014
Latin America
Rainbow’s Latin America team has first-hand knowledge from Mexico all the way through South America to Antarctica, that comes from years of travel across this incredible continent. Their brochure is full of inspirational travel ideas and sample itineraries.

India & Sri Lanka 2014/15
India & Sri Lanka
Wildlife, romance and relaxation; whether you are seeking cultural and spiritual enlightenment, a trekking adventure or wildlife safari, a cultural journey to tantalise the taste buds, or simply just relaxing on a rice barge or pristine beach; India and Sri Lanka are the ideal destinations for a unique tailor-made holiday.
Caribbean & USA 2014/15
Caribbean & USA
Sandy beaches, city breaks, ranch experiences and fly drive adventures; whether you are looking to spend time dipping your toes in the glistening Caribbean Sea, are yearning to explore the America’s West Coast or would like to combine two or more destinations, we have inspiration for you in abundance!
Far East 2014/15
Far East
Culture, cuisine and pristine beaches; whether you are looking to explore a chaotic new city, yearning for cultural enlightenment or simply wish to spend a week being pampered and reclining on an exquisite beach, the Far East lends itself perfectly for your personalised travel experience.
Indian Ocean & Middle East 2014/15
Indian Ocean & Middle East
Untouched beaches, desert plains and bustling cities; whether you are looking to spend a week enjoying uninterrupted sunset views from your overwater villa in the Maldives, are yearning to explore the rolling Omani sand dunes or combing a city and beach multi-centre, we have the holiday for you.
Europe 2014/15
Whether you are looking to go island-hopping around the sun-drenched Greek isles, take the whole family to the Algarve, explore all Italy has to offer on a romantic multi-centre or simply relax in a pool villa with an exquisite view, we can find the perfect holiday for you. Let yourself be captivated with the Mediterranean’s charm.
Other Shores 2014
Other Shores
Weddings & Honeymoons 2014
Weddings & Honeymoons