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Christina Gibbons
Christina Gibbons Taking a day trip to Porvoo, located 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. The red ochre huts, cobblestone streets and idyllic courtyards make Porvoo a worthwhile trip all year round. Lovers of antiques, architecture, arts and handicrafts will certainly enjoy themselves, as lots of small-scale events are organised, such as the Christmas markets in December. Porvoo can be reached by either bus or taking a boat from the market square.
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Finland Holidays

Finland is a large, sparsely populated country featuring stunning Arctic landscapes in the north, thousands of tiny islands in the south, vast unspoiled forests and countless crystal clear lakes in between. Snow, bright lights and enticing shop windows give short winter days a festive feel and the sharp, clear light of long summer days discourages sleep in favour of outdoor pursuits. The capital, Helsinki, is a city based around water. Its very heart is the thriving market on the harbour front. From here, you can set sail for many of the tranquil islands, or perhaps visit the island zoo or even dine in the former Russian yacht club, set tantalisingly close to the shore - but don’t miss the last boat back.

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Head north to Finnish Lapland and explore the beautiful wilderness area by snowmobile, reindeer or husky safari. Choose to stay in a secluded log cabin, spend the night in the ice hotel or gaze up at the night sky on the look out for the aurora borealis from a glass igloo. For those with an interest in culture and history a visit to the village of Inari, the heart of the Sámi homeland, and to Siida, the museum of the Finnish Sámi, is an absolute must. For nature lovers, the densely forested borderlands of Eastern Finland are the ideal spot for bear watching. Finland’s vast forests are home to an estimated 1,500 brown bears and sightings can almost be guaranteed on a bear-watching trip between April and September.

Husky dogs are perfectly suited to the conditions found in Lapland and have been used for centuries to pull sleds for hunting and travel. Renowned for speed and endurance they were born to pull, so grab the reins and embark upon an exhilarating husky safari into the untouched wilderness of the Arctic with your own trusty team of dogs to guide you. Cross vast frozen lakes, charge through dense forest admiring the invariably beautiful landscapes, and appreciate the surrounding silence, broken only by the patter of paws and the sled gliding across the snow. Speak to a Regent Finland Specialist about excursions in Lapland.

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