The Eqi Glacier in Greenland
Colourful houses in Kulusuk, Greenland
Typical architecture in Nuuk, capital of Greenland

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Shane Hosiene
Shane Hosiene From Ilulissat, travel by boat to the edge of the spectacular Eqi glacier and if you are fortunate you may see and hear the immense crashing sound as icebergs are calved from the glacier. It is a surreal sight to sit basking in the Arctic sun, sipping an ice-cold Greenlandic beer watching icebergs glide past houses, along the fjords and out to sea.
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Greenland Holidays

Begin your arctic adventure with a holiday to Greenland. Straddling the Arctic Circle, Greenland is the world's largest non-continental island and one of the most starkly beautiful with its rugged coastal areas teeming with wildlife, magnificent glaciers and an undulating icy expanse as far as the eye can see. Visit Greenland to see the Big Arctic Five - the Northern Lights, Whales, Husky dogs, Ice glaciers and its pioneering people. This huge island is the homeland of the largest Inuit population in the world. With their fantastic ability to adapt to the severe climatic conditions and wild nature, they have survived where others found it impossible to live, mainly by fishing with a highly developed hunting technique of throwing weapons from kayaks. Towns and settlements are linked by sea or air only.

Conditions are perfect on Greenland holidays for activities such as dog sledging, ice cap hikes and boat tours, which weave in and out of Greenland’s stunning array of fjords, mountains, islands and icebergs. The wildlife is second to none and there are abundant opportunities to view whales, seals and birds.

The main reason for visiting? It is, quite simply, beautiful. Greenland is a country with magnificent untouched Arctic scenery, where man’s endeavours for centuries are hardly traceable along the dramatic coast and deep fjords. Greenland holidays can be as active or as restful as you choose, we are happy to tailor-make your holiday arrangements or, alternatively, you can choose one of our escorted tours for maximum simplicity.

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How to get to Greenland

Holidays to Greenland can either start in Copenhagen or more popularly from Reykjavik with most travellers combining a holiday in Iceland with Greenland. There are also some cruises departing from Iceland.

Travelling around in Greenland is either by plane, helicopter or coastal boat as there are no roads linking any towns in Greenland. Travel in Greenland is actually part of your Greenland experience.

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Travellers considering a holiday to Greenland should know that the weather dictates everything! Travel delays can sometimes occur for several days, but of course we will endeavour (with the help of our local partners, who are experienced with Greenland's weather disruptions) to assist our clients wherever possible. We recommend when booking a holiday to Greenland, you should take out adequate travel insurance that will cover you in the event of any disruption to your itinerary.

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