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Central square in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan  
Flaming crater 'the Door to Hell' in Darvaza, Turkmenistan  
Yurts in the desert, Turkmenistan  

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I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Turkmenistan, not forgetting some memorable meals at local restaurants accompanied by a shot or two of Vodka!
Mr D Stanton
Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows Saparmat Niyazov, Turkmenistan’s “President for Life” died in late 2006, but his book the Ruhnama, is still considered as being the “spiritual guidance for the nation.” English language copies can be found at very low prices, and they make very unusual souvenirs indeed!
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Turkmenistan Holidays

Often overlooked by visitors to the region, this reclusive Central Asian state is slowly emerging as a must-see destination. From the inviting capital, Ashghabad, to the vast Karakum Desert and ancient Silk Road cities the abiding memory of many Turkmenistan holidays is the warmth of the people, many still semi-nomadic.

You can't fail to notice the grandiose monuments to former President Niyazov dotted around Ashghabad. View the vast squares and lavish palaces from the viewing platform of the Arch of Neutrality with its golden statue of the president and join in the fun at the Tolkuchka bazaar where locals in traditional dress haggle for camels and cars.

What type of Turkmenistan holiday are you interested in?

Discover the Old Silk Road

Turkmenistan HolidaysTurkmenistan holidays are perfect for those wanting an adventure into the historical Old Silk Road, the ancient trade route which linked China and Europe.

Discover captivating relics of the past and visit the centuries-old cities that sprung up on the route such as Konye Urgench and Merv.

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Your Turkmenistan holiday adventure starts as you head into the boundless Karakum Desert. Camp by flaming gas craters, visit semi-nomadic villages and stay in the yurt of the local chief. Discover ancient cities along the old Silk Road with the minarets and mausoleums of Konye Urgench and the ruins of the oasis town of Merv.

Check out the impressive fortress in the former capital, Nisa, take the healing waters in the underground lake at Bakharden, relax on the beaches at the Caspian Sea resort of Turkmenbashy or ride the speedy pure-bred Akhal-Teke horses.

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