Slovenia Holidays

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Slovenia Holidays

Lying in a glorious position between the Alps and the Adriatic you can be walking in snowy alpine fields in the morning and bathing in the warm Adriatic in the afternoon. One of Europe's smallest countries you can easily take in Baroque Ljubljana, Venetian Piran, forest-covered mountains, monasteries, castles and spa resorts in one visit.

Ljubljana is a lively, cultural city, more of a quaint provincial town than a capital city. Piran and Koper on the coast clearly show their Venetian influences and here you can enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront eateries.

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The climatic health resort of Rakitna is known for its cures or you can just breathe in the bracing fresh air as you hike along alpine trails, round mountain lakes and up to torrential waterfalls. The star of the show is Lake Bled, surrounded by glorious mountains with its hilltop castle gazing down on the picture-postcard perfect island in the middle adorned by an idyllic church.

Whatever you choose to do there, Slovenia holidays will certainly leave you with a vivid assortment of memories.

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