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Joanne Wheeler
Joanne Wheeler One of our favourite ways to spend a day in Berlin is to take a boat ride and see Berlin from its canals and rivers. Actually Berlin has more bridges than Venice and these bridges unite what used to be deeply divided before. At sunset ascend the cupola of the Reichstag and look down on the Brandenburg Gate as the flood lights take over from daylight.
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Germany Holidays

Germany is not just at the geographical centre of Europe, it is also its economic driving force and perhaps its cultural heart too.  Its contribution to the arts, science, philosophy, architecture and history is arguably unmatched throughout Europe and should never be underestimated.

Holidays to Germany provide the perfect opportunity to explore the iconic city of Berlin and feel history come alive at landmarks such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, while places such as the Holocaust Memorial and the Topography of Terror museum, which stands on the ruins of the SS headquarters, provide solemn reminders of Germany’s distressing past.

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About Germany

Visit the resurgent city of Dresden where the gorgeous Renaissance and Baroque architecture has been restored to its former glory, establishing the city as an enchanting and cultured destination. Discover the palatial glamour of Potsdam with its fascinating place in history as a key gateway between the Allies and the Soviets following World War II.

Budding historians could spend months in Germany poring over the veritable treasure trove of historical landmarks, museums, medieval villages, castles and palaces here. From the renaissance and the Kingdoms of Bavaria and Prussia to two World Wars and the rise and fall of Communism, Germany’s history is as deep and tumultuous as it is fascinating. Meanwhile, bon vivants will be enticed by the many gastronomic delights here, with high-quality beer and delicious meaty fare to be found on any menu.

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