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Borneo Holidays

Borneo is an island split between Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei ownership containing some of the oldest rainforest in the world. From trekking the muddy jungle trails of the remote Danum Valley Conservation Area to snorkelling the turquoise seas along the pristine white sand beach of Gaya Island, Borneo is a country of contrasts and a real wildlife hotspot. Explore the longhouse homes of the Iban people in Sarawak, maybe try a spot of Iban-style fishing and cruise down the Kinabatangan River, home to proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants and some of the few remaining wild orangutan populations.

Choose to embark on a true wilderness adventure with a trek to the summit of Mount Kinabalu and be rewarded for your efforts with panoramic sunrise views and a dip in the soothing mineral pools of the nearby hot springs.

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Trek the Danum Valley Conservation Area

The Danum Valley Conservation Area covers 43,800 hectares of protected lowland rainforest and is home to an astonishing variety of plants and wildlife including more than 340 species of birds, 124 species of mammals, 72 species of reptiles, 56 species of amphibians and 200 species of plants per hectare. Rare and endangered species such as the Sumatran rhino, banteng (a species of wild cattle), Borneo Pygmy elephant, clouded leopard, orangutan and proboscis monkeys are found in the area.  Accommodation here is limited to the unique Borneo Rainforest Lodge: hiking the jungle trails with your experienced local guide, negotiating the treetop canopy walkway and taking a dip in the cooling Jacuzzi pools all make for a truly unforgettable rainforest adventure.

Cruise the Kinabatangan River

The 560-kilometre Kinabatangan River is Sabah’s longest river, beginning in the Crocker Range in Southwest Sabah and ending at the Sulu Sea southeast of Sandakan. From the headwaters to its vast river mouth, the Kinabatangan passes through a diverse range of habitats, including dipterocarp forest, seasonally flooded riparian forest, oxbow lakes and mangroves. Board a small river cruiser and discover small tributaries which are home to proboscis monkeys, macaques, birdlife including the magnificent hornbill, pygmy elephants and wild orangutan.

Meet the orangutan, the ‘old man of the forest’

Set up in 1964, Sepilok is the best known of the four orangutan rehabilitation centres in the world. The centre covers 43 square kilometres within the 4,500 hectare Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve and is located just outside Sandakan. Sepilok is a sanctuary for injured, orphaned or rescued orangutans who are trained how to survive in the forest, a learning process that can take years. Upon ‘graduation’, rehabilitated orangutan are released into the surrounding forest. Many of the orangutan living in the forest return to the centre at the twice daily feeding times, giving visitors a unique chance to see them enjoying a good meal: watching the trees slowly start to quiver and shake as the orangutans slowly approach the central feeding platform only increases the anticipation of seeing them in the flesh.

Climb Mt Kinabalu to a spectacular sunrise

Kinabalu Park was the first national park in Sabah and is dominated by Mount Kinabalu, one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. The slopes of Mount Kinabalu are home to an incredible variety of plants and animal species and different elevations of the park and their micro climates support distinct habitats. Owing to its unique and varied ecology the park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Conquer the peak and enjoy wonderful sunrise views and a real sense of accomplishment.  

Orangutan Appeal UK

We are proud to work with Orangutan Appeal UK, a charity associated with Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo which rehabilitates and provides medical care to orphaned orangutans.

Orangutan Appeal UK endeavours to protect the remaining wild population of orangutans in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo by providing support and funding for localised projects.

Sepilok is considered a useful educational tool where locals and visitors can be educated about the importance of protecting this keystone species.

Travel to Borneo with Regent Holidays and we will sponsor our chosen Sepilok orangutan, Gelison, in your name for a year.

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