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Old cave city Uplistsikhe in Caucasus, Georgia  
Man in a winery in Tbilisi, Georgia  
Alaverdi Monastery, Georgia  

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I cannot praise highly enough our excellent driver who never lost concentration on long drives on difficult roads, and our excellent guide who led us on many interesting visits. What a great way to see this fascinating country!
Mrs M Lloyd
Gillian Leaning
Gillian Leaning According to Georgian legend, when God was distributing land among the peoples of the world, the Georgians were so busy eating and drinking that they lost their place in the queue and there was no land left for them. But when they invited God to join the party, he enjoyed himself so immensely that he gave them all the prime plots of land he had been saving for himself.
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Georgia Holidays

Take a holiday to Georgia and you will find a populace fiercely proud of their country, and for the visitor this translates into an open-armed welcome as outside Tbilisi you will find yourself staying in family-run guesthouses and local homes. Ramble through the narrow cobbled streets of Tbilisi, where balconies almost touch, peer into tiny courtyards and check out the sophisticated shops, clubs and restaurants.

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Georgia’s picturesque, tree-shaded capital is truly a city of contrasts. Ramble through the Old Town with its profusion of houses rubbing shoulders, their plant-draped balconies almost touching over the narrow cobbled streets, before discovering elegant Rustaveli Avenue lined with shops, cafes and museums. Along the gorge of the Mtkvari River, buildings bathed in summer-long sunshine cling precariously to the high red cliffs. Complete your busy day by joining the locals in a relaxing sulphur bath, indulging in a glass of Georgian wine or taking in a performance at the Paliashvili Opera House. Ask a Regent Specialist about booking tickets in advance.

Caucasus Mountains
Travel along the Georgian Military Highway through the dramatic Caucasus Mountains, home to stone watchtowers and villages where life has changed little. The infrastructure may not be up to much but the stunning scenery as you follow mountain trails past lakes and waterfalls is compensation enough. Try the mineral water in one of the health spas and maybe learn the secret of why so many Georgians live to be over 100 years old.

Stalin's Hometown
Georgia's most famous son was Stalin, so pay a visit to his home town of Gori where you will be frankly astounded at the flattering museum dedicated to his life. Make time to explore the 3rd century BC cave city of Uplis-Tsikhe and then join the locals for some wine tasting and indulge in some waist-expanding home-cooked food.

If you're looking for souvenirs to bring back from Armenia, we recommend bartering for hand-made jewellery, obsidian chess sets, carpets, abstract paintings etc at Vernissage in Yerevan - it's a huge weekend open-air flea market, centrally located on Pavstos Biuzand Boulevard - just follow the crowds!

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