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Ellie Marr
Ellie Marr Bosnia-Herzegovina has been through more than most European countries in recent years, so those wishing to experience a country that is restoring what made it great while at the same time confidently re-inventing itself , will find a trip here a true eye-opener. The revitalised charms of Mostar evoke the Bosnia-Herzegovina of old, long before bloody conflict gripped the region, while up-and-coming Sarajevo is a buzzing testament to ethnic diversity and social regeneration.

Balkan Holidays

Our Balkan holidays allow you to witness a land of complex ethnic patterns and influences. This wedge-shaped area of land includes Albania, Bulgaria, mainland Greece, and the European section of Turkey, parts of Romania and most of the former Yugoslavia. Collectively, these lands are known as the Balkans.

Regent Holidays were the first tour operator to offer holidays in Albania back in 1971, and since then we have expanded to cover holidays to most of the Balkan countries.

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