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Joanne Wheeler
Joanne Wheeler What's in a name? Albania is known by locals as 'Shqiperia’, which if translated means ‘Land of the Eagles’ and a two-headed eagle is depicted on the Albanian flag. Albania was originally known as 'Illyria' and it was the Albanoi tribe, which used to inhabit the region around Albania's northern coastal town of Durres, pictured above that gave Albania its name today.

Balkan Holidays

Our Balkan holidays allow you to witness a land of complex ethnic patterns and influences. This wedge-shaped area of land includes Albania, Bulgaria, mainland Greece, and the European section of Turkey, parts of Romania and most of the former Yugoslavia. Collectively, these lands are known as the Balkans.

Regent Holidays were the first tour operator to offer holidays in Albania back in 1971, and since then we have expanded to cover holidays to most of the Balkan countries.

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