Lapland Holidays

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Lapland Holidays

Situated within the Arctic circle and spanning the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland, this sparsely populated area is a beautiful wilderness of snow covered forests, frozen lakes and tiny towns that scatter vast mountain ranges. With a 24 hour sun during the summer months, and the sun barely skimming the horizon during the winter, this magical land of contrasts offers a unique experience for every visitor. Whether you want hide away in a log cabin slumped in snow or ride a team of huskies across artic fells, there are few wilnter wildernesses to rival Lapland. 

This is also the home of Santa. In Finnish Lapland you'll find the Santa Claus village. Operating throughout the year, a Lapland family holiday will let you take the kids to meet Santa, hand their Christmas list over to real life elves and even meet Dancer, Prancer and the rest of the reindeer team.

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When to go and where to go in Lapland

Santa searchers in Finnish Lapland
Visit Santa's Village near Finland's Rovaniemi and meet the man in red himself. Sitting right on the Arctic Circle, this Santa themed attraction offers an exciting experience for children and families alike. Visit the post office where cheerful elves post Father Christmas’ letters and explore the magical Santa Park where Christmas dreams are brought to life. While the Christmas season is obviously the best choice for a trip here, Santa can actually be found in residence 365 days a year. 

Husky Safari
Husky dogs are perfectly suited to the conditions found in Lapland and have been used for centuries to pull sleds for hunting and travel. Renowned for speed and endurance they were born to pull, so grab the reins and embark upon an exhilarating husky safari into the untouched wilderness of the Arctic with your own trusty team of dogs to guide you. Cross vast frozen lakes, charge through dense forest admiring the invariably beautiful landscapes, and appreciate the surrounding silence, broken only by the patter of paws and the sled gliding across the snow. 

Family Holidays in Lapland
Lapland is a magical place for children – a once in a lifetime family holiday where dreams are brought to life. Here, winter adventures are designed with children in mind, and husky sled and reindeer sleigh journeys are preceded by an opportunity to meet and feed the animals. Top of the list for children and big kids alike is a visit to Santa Claus Village on the outskirts of Rovaniemi. This enchanted Christmas theme park provides festive fun year-round with an opportunity to meet the man himself and hand-deliver Christmas wish lists. Add another element of family fun with a night in a snow hotel or glass-domed igloo for the ultimate Lapland experience.

Wherever you stay, be sure to book exciting optional excursions and travel the snowy wilderness by snowmobile, reindeer sleigh or husky sled, hike the large and diverse network of wintry trails or head out in search of ‘fox fires’ – the local name for the northern lights sweeping their tails across the night sky.

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