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Issyk Lake, Kazakhstan 
The city of Astana by night, Kazakhstan 

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Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows Charyn Canyon is one of Kazakhstan's finest natural wonders. Here, you can walk in the valley with its extraordinary Grand Canyon-style rock sculptures and multi-coloured gorges and enjoy a picnic lunch in the valley. The road is not in best condition though!
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Kazakhstan Holidays

You could find yourself in glorious isolation as a visitor to this vast country of mighty snow-capped mountains, endless steppes and barren deserts. In Kazakhstan, nature is king, so enjoy the pristine wilderness where nature reserves abound with indigenous flora and fauna, flamingos can be spotted and you may even glimpse the elusive snow leopard.

Kazakhstan holidays will take you to Almaty, the former capital and a prosperous city with broad boulevards, chic restaurants, shops and leafy Panfilov Park, home to the wooden Zenkov Cathedral. In contrast, the new capital, Astana, has a proliferation of skyscrapers dominated by the futuristic Baiterek Tower. Make time to visit Turkestan to view the magnificent 14th-century mausoleum and desolate Fort Shevchenko by the Caspian Sea. Tour the Baikonur Cosmodrome, from where Yuri Gagarin was launched into space, and you may even come across international astronauts preparing to take off on manned flights.

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Set out on foot or on horse back as the perfect way to get out into the solitude where you can climb the Tien Shan Mountains, walk along Great Almaty Lake, trek around Chymbulak ski resort and ride through Aksu Canyon.

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