Livadia Palace in Yalta, Ukraine 

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Andrea Godfrey
Andrea Godfrey Whilst in the Crimea - I would certainly recommend visiting the Panorama Museum in Sevastopol. This incredible example of the famous battle was painted in 6 June 1855 to commemorate the Defence of Sevastopol during the Crimean War of 1854-1855 and restored in 1954 after suffering much damage in World War II. Housed in a totally circular building with a continuous painting around the inside walls. You stand in the centre whilst they play the sound of men at war during the Crimean War. The painting is brought to life with objects and guns etc protruding from the painting. I thought I was in the command bunker with all the fields spread in front of me!
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Ukraine Holidays

There is so much to see, do, and explore on our Ukraine holidays. The Orange Revolution brought the world's attention to developments in this massive yet enigmatic country, and now ancient towns, the vast plains, mountains and Black Sea coast are firm favourites with those who choose holidays to Ukraine. Popular for city breaks are the cities of Kiev and Lviv where visitors are drawn to the breathtaking frescoes in St Sophia's Cathedral and the Golden Gate in Kiev and the lovely faded Baroque and Renaissance architecture of Lviv's Old Town.

Venture into the dramatic Carpathian Mountains, where the ethnic Hutsul people follow their traditions in hidden valleys, and hike to the peak of the highest mountain, Goverla, for superb panoramas. Search out the profusion of castles and wooden churches, in particular medieval Kamenets Podilsky teetering on a rocky outcrop. Chernobyl may be off limits to residents, but you can join one of our guided Chernobyl tours to the devastated site of the nuclear disaster.

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Foreign & Commonwealth Office Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Crimea and all but essential travel to the eastern regions (oblasts) of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk due to increased tensions in the region. Although travel is still possible to Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv.

Regent Recommends

Ukraine holidays are a great choice for history buffs as you can explore this country's turbulent past in its various museums, learn about formation of Kievan Rus. Fans of religious architecture will be fascinated by stunning churches and unique cave monasteries where you can browse the crypts filled with mummified monks. Rail enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy the overnight trains between Ukraine’s main cities.

For a change of pace while on your Ukraine holidays, head to Odessa and relax on the sandy beach on the shores of the Black Sea and pose for a photograph on the Potemkin Steps.

With so much to see and do during your Ukraine holidays, we guarantee you will be enchanted by this beautiful country.

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