South Korea

The Emperor palace in Seoul, South Korea
Bridge in buddhist temple, South Korea
Spices in a korean market in Seoul, South Korea

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Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows Head underground and explore Seoul by metro, cheap, easy to navigate! Under the streets one can also find numerous underground shopping centres, which often link up metro stations – great in the cold winter or wet summer months.
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South Korea Holidays

South Korea holidays reveal an intriguing country rich in ancient culture and harmony. Have fun in vibrant Seoul, where neon signs compete with exquisite temples and palaces, shop in duty-free shops and take in the view from the Seoul Tower from where you can see the Han River as it winds through the city.

The mountainous countryside couldn't contrast more with Seoul. Here you will find thousands of temples, home to the country’s Buddhist monks, where you can enjoy a contemplative stay.

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Regent Recommends

Our holidays to South Korea provide the perfect opportunity to temple-hop in the former capital of the Silla kingdom, Gyeongju, and admire the beautifully preserved 80,000 wooden printing blocks of Buddhist scriptures, Tripikata Koreana, in Haeinsa Temple in Gayasan National Park. Take the cable car to a hilltop temple and soak in the hot springs.

Explore ancient villages, take the high-speed train from Seoul to Busan or peek into North Korea from the Border Unification Observatory.

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