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The medieval town of Prizren, Kosovo 
Gjeravica, the highest mountain of Kosovo 
Pec Patriarch monastery complex, Kosovo 

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The local agents in Kosovo were excellent. My Guide – a Professor of Tourism at the University in Pristina, certainly knew his stuff and could not have been more helpful. He made certain that my holiday in Kosovo was a great success.
Mr D Stanton
Ellie Marr
Ellie Marr No visit to Kosovo would be complete without a stay at the quirky hotel at a fish farm near Istog. Staying in little bungalows hanging over the lake and surrounded by mountains and rose bushes is so relaxing and an absolutely lovely experience. This place is very much loved by locals too.
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Kosovo Holidays

Landlocked Kosovo, ringed by mountains, is ideal for pioneering travellers keen to discover Europe's newest country which only declared independence in 2008. Discover a country with snow-capped mountains, wide open plains, wildflower meadows, gorges and waterfalls. In the towns and villages the legacy of the influences of Islam and Orthodox Christian is evident with a wealth of mosques and monasteries.

The lively capital, Prishtina, is awash with UN and EU personnel and, combined with a population mainly aged under 35, you are guaranteed a warm welcome and lots of fun. On your tour to Kosovo, use Prishtina as a base to explore the Serb enclave of Gracanica where Byzantine frescoes adorn the 12th-century Orthodox monastery.

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Don't miss the glorious Ottoman city of Prizren, nestled at the foot of the Sharri Mountains, its narrow cobbled streets crammed with old stone houses, exquisite mosques and Turkish baths.

Follow walking and biking trails through the countryside and up into the imposing mountains where you can join the locals skiing in the winter in Brezovica and relish the stunning scenery.

Consider including a visit to Gjakova on your holiday in Kosovo. The overwhelming hospitality of the Gjakovans is legendary and the food just seems to keep coming. Usually in Gjakova, on our group tours, we meet the leader (baba) of the Bektashi Dervish Order in the Bektashi Tekke. A very warm welcome is always guaranteed by this benevolent, kind man, who through the aid of a translator, shares the history of this fascinating order.

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