Austria Holidays

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Austria Holidays

Austria is celebrated for its stunning alpine landscapes, wooden chalets, winter sports activities and being the ubiquitous location for the filming of 'The Sound of Music'.

Holidays to Austria aren't all about the great outdoors though. Away from the Tyrolean countryside, Austria’s imperial capital, Vienna, enjoys a world-renowned reputation as much for its coffee houses and delicate pastries as its lavish balls, where nights are waltzed away to the melodies of its native Mozart and Strauss within the walls of ornate Habsburg palaces. With fifty theatres, four opera houses and a hundred museums including The Museum Quarter, opportunities to embrace Vienna’s cultural delights abound.

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Take a holiday to Austria and discover the Baroque delights of Salzburg and the up-and-coming Linz for a taste of a more youthful Austria and enjoy an enthralling combination of culture and history at sites such as the Roman town of Carnuntum and the idyllic Bregenzerwald.