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Albania Albania

Capital:   Tirana
Currency:   Albanian lek
Time Zone:   GMT + 2
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Joanne Wheeler
Joanne Wheeler
What's in a name? Albania is known by locals as 'Shqiperia’, which if translated means ‘Land of the Eagles’ and a two-headed eagle is depicted on the Albanian flag. Albania was originally known as 'Illyria' and it was the Albanoi tribe, which used to inhabit the region around Albania's northern coastal town of Durres, pictured above that gave Albania its name today.
Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania
The ancient city of Butrint, Albania
The beautiful town of Berat, Albania

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Members of the first Regent Holidays group who went on holiday to Albania in 1971 would struggle to recognise the country today. Gone are the virtually traffic-free roads, collective farms and churches and mosques converted into sports halls, but the warm Albanian welcome, dramatic wild scenery, evidence of 400 years of Ottoman occupation and enthralling archaeology are still the same.

Fiercely independent as a result of centuries of occupation, Albania embraced Communism after the Second World War and then firmly rejected it in 1992 with its first free elections. With so much history, an Albania holiday is guaranteed to offer you an insight into another time.

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