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Belarus Belarus

Capital:   Minsk
Currency:   Belarusian ruble
Time Zone:   GMT + 3
Visa Info:  
UK passport holders must obtain a visa for Belarus holidays, click here for an application pack.
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Andrea Godfrey
Andrea Godfrey
We are trying to support our friends at Chernobyl Heart and all their good works. They are trying to raise money for Gomel Children's Hospital in southeast Belarus, where many young patients are suffering the long-term after-effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Go to their website for more information www.chernobylheart.org.uk.
Mir Medieval Castle, Belarus
Medieval castle in Nesvizh, Belarus
Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the Brest Fortress, Belarus

Minsk City Breaks

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A city break in Belarus is arguably like no other in all of Europe. A relic of Soviet times, “White Russia”, as it was once known, is like a living museum offering a unique and peculiar glimpse into the past. Scratch beyond the surface, though, and you will also find a young and energetic core - full of bustling nightlife, gastronomic delights and fashionable shops.

The emerging city of Minsk best exemplifies the conflict between old and new in a nation where staunch isolationism and strict regulation are met head on by youthful exuberance and progress, and a city break in Belarus is the ideal way in which to get a taste of the idiosyncrasies found in such a place.

Patrolling militia police and other relics of the cold war do little to get in the way of a burgeoning cultural scene which encompasses ballet, modern art, opera, theatre and rock music. And despite much of the city being rebuilt by the Soviets after 80% of its buildings were destroyed in World War II, Minsk still retains a certain architectural charm and individuality.

A Belarus city break is perfect for those fascinated by 20th Century history, the cold war years in particular. The KGB building in Minsk is still operational, while the Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War and the Katyn memorial present solemn reminders of the horrors that the Belarusian people faced during World War II.

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