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Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina

Capital:   Sarajevo
Currency:   Bosnian convertible mark
Time Zone:   GMT + 2
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Ellie Marr
Ellie Marr
Bosnia-Herzegovina has been through more than most European countries in recent years, so those wishing to experience a country that is restoring what made it great while at the same time confidently re-inventing itself , will find a trip here a true eye-opener. The revitalised charms of Mostar evoke the Bosnia-Herzegovina of old, long before bloody conflict gripped the region, while up-and-coming Sarajevo is a buzzing testament to ethnic diversity and social regeneration.
The Old Bridge of Mostar, Bosnia - Herzigovina
Miljacka river bridge in Sarajevo, Bosnia - Herzegovina
The old Travnik castle in Bosnia - Herzegovina

Sarajevo City Breaks

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Take a city break in Bosnia-Herzegovina and you will discover a country with a heritage as rich and diverse as they come. A hot bed of contrasting religions and traditions, this small, mountainous country in the Balkans has been sculptured by a colourful parade of civilisations and empires, from Byzantine to the Romans, from the Turks to the Austro-Hungarians.

Despite the war and ethnic cleansing of the 1990s, much of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s history and cultural diversity remains intact. You will find Catholic cathedrals rubbing shoulders with synagogues and mosques here, not to mention an unrivalled wealth of art and architectural treasures as well as food, folklore and music to suit all tastes and creeds.

A Bosnia-Herzegovina city break will take you to Europe’s most resurgent city, Sarajevo. Fast establishing itself as one of Europe’s must-visit destinations, Sarajevo offers visitors an exquisite and unforgettable experience. The country’s entire history has been distilled into a handsome microcosm easily covered on foot, none more so than within the cobbled and narrow streets of the Old Town, Bascarsija, a centuries old centre brimming with cosy, traditional eateries, artisan workshops, shops selling charming souvenirs and cafés.

Discover Sarajevo further during a city break and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s fascinating, if somewhat distressing, history will make itself even more apparent via landmarks such as The Tunnel Museum, which marks where besieged inhabitants ran supplies via a secret tunnel beneath the airport during the Bosnian war, and Latin Bridge, where the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife sparked World War I.

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