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Peter Wybrow
Peter Wybrow Head out to the Museum of Folk Architecture at Pirogova. Spread over scenic rolling hills; explore the 17th - 20th-century wooden cottages, churches and farmsteads. During the summer months the museum is filled with Kyivites sunbathing and cooking shashlyk. In the wintertime take shelter from the cold and warm up over a bowl of steaming borsch served with pampushi (warm soft rolls soaked in crushed garlic and oil).

Kiev Holidays

Knowing what to see first is the hardest part of a city break to Kiev. Be bowled over by the cupolas of St Sophia’s Cathedral, the city’s oldest church. Inside it is just breathtaking with colourful mosaics and frescoes. Wander through Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the scene of the Orange Revolution and allow plenty of time for Pecherska Lavra.

Home to a monastery, churches and museums, there is also an underground cave where monks lived, worshipped and were buried. Spend time browsing the shops on the cobbled slopes of Andriyivsky Uzviz, in summer sunbathe on the beaches that line the Dnipro River and dine at the riverside eateries.

What's in a name?

Kiev or Kyiv. You might notice we spell the capital city of Ukraine in two different ways. Well, Kiev is the recognised transliteration of the name of the city in Russian, and also the old Ukrainian name which has been used for centuries (by the likes of national hero, Taras Shevchenko, no less) right back to the times of Kievan Rus. Kyiv meanwhile is the transliteration of the modern Ukrainian name of the city and the official name as far as all legal and political issues are concerned. Following the establishment of an independent Ukraine in 1991, there was a move by many Ukrainians to favour Kyiv as it symbolised a departure from all things Russian, and indeed Kyiv is now used by the UN and many other official bodies as the correct name.

When To Go

The month of May is always an interesting time to visit Kyiv. On Victory Day, the 9th, the whole city lines the streets to commemorate those who died in World War II and to witness the colourful pomp and ceremony of the parading military. Kyiv Days Festival, usually on the last weekend of the month, sees Kyiv transformed into an open-air stage, hosting live concerts, dance performances and spectacular nightly firework displays.

Kiev City Breaks

Total Holidays: 4      
3 Night City Break: Rus Hotel
  Kiev, Ukraine
The Hotel Rus is located in the centre of Kyiv,offering panoramic views of the impressiveOlympiyskiy Stadium....
From £285 per adult
3 Nights, Bed and Breakfast
Flights included
3 Night City Break: Hotel Impressa
  Kiev, Ukraine
The intimate Hotel Impressa is one of Kyiv’s mostcharming and understated hotels. Located in thecentre...
From £365 per adult
3 Nights, Bed and Breakfast
Flights included
3 Night City Break: Radisson Blu Kiev
  Kiev, Ukraine
Located within walking distance of the main street, Khreschatyk, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kiev is a...
  • Short Breaks
From £455 per adult
3 Nights, Bed and Breakfast
Flights included
3 Night City Break: 11 Mirrors Design Hotel
  Kiev, Ukraine
Ukraine’s leading boutique hotel, the Eleven Mirrors Design Hotel is ideally located in the heart of...
From £495 per adult
3 Nights, Bed and Breakfast
Flights included
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