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Carl Meadows
Silk Road Travel Specialist

Shimmering desert towns, ornate UNESCO-listed palaces, stark soviet towers and bizarre oil-boom buildings vie for attention as the history of the ancient trading routes between east and west unfolds.

Stretching all the way from China to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road is a historic and cultural marvel. Caravans laden with, amongst many other things, gold, ivory, spices, furs, jade, exotic animals and of course, silk, trundled along the vast network of trade routes that made up the road for nearly two millennia. Not only were goods transported on the route but it also acted as a bridge that brought cultures and ideas together; Islam and Buddhism reached China thanks to the Silk Road while it facilitated the spread of Persian, Greek, Roman, Indian, Arabian and Chinese influences around the world.

It is still possible to discover the romance and legacy of the Silk Road today and due to its length can be sampled from any number of fascinating countries. The longest overland journey on the route is between Xian, the home of China’s Army of Terracotta Warriors, and the mystical Istanbul. Other good starting points include the captivating cities of Almaty, Tashkent, Tehran and Damascus. However you choose to travel the Silk Road you are guaranteed an evocative, enlightening and unforgettable travel experience.

Regent Silk Road Specialist

Carl Meadows

Carl Meadows
Silk Road Travel Specialist
The Silk Road crosses a huge area with thousands of miles and various countries and cultures. When planning a trip it is possible to centre in on one aspect in the region such as the architecture of Iran or the cities of Uzbekistan but a great way to get more from your trip is to combine two or more countries, there are natural highlights and beautiful landscapes that can be combined with the cities to stop architecture or history overload, after the madrassahs of Samarkand hop in to Tajikistan to see the mountains or cross in to Armenia to visit lakes and ancient monuments after the mosques and palaces of Iran.

Carl's Tips
Distances are huge and road journeys are unavoidable. Use them to see some of the smaller sites along the way though that fewer tourists visit.
Stay with locals – there are homestays across the region where you can meet people and experience home cooked food.
Shop! the Silk Road grew out of trade and there are plenty of markets and bazaars in which you can buy everything from handicrafts to camels and cars!

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