Abkhazia Holidays


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Abkhazia Holidays

Introducing Abkhazia; to go where few have ever gone before, you really don’t have to go THAT far.

It is no secret that at Regent Holidays we like to do things a little differently. When it comes to exploring the world, the off-the-beaten-track destinations catch our eye. The more alternative a country - the better! Languishing itself as a breakaway Caucasus state to the west of Georgia, Abkhazia is the place for modern travellers who dream of the golden age of exploration. Abkhazia is a combination like no other; here a society that has navigated a curious path through history also maintains the authentic air of a country completely untouched by western tourism – and it lies just beyond the eastern reaches of Europe.

Our brand new group tour goes were few westerners have ever been. Cross the Georgia-Abkhazia border on foot to discover the ex-Soviet region’s gently mountainous landscape, rural communities and attractive Black Sea coastline.  Beautiful forested valleys provide an idyllic backdrop to scenic domestic flights or short hiking routes while laid-back beach resorts, once popular with Stalin and Soviet citizens, find a new lease of life. 

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