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Nuuk Holidays

The missionary Hans Egede founded Nuuk in 1728 as the very first town in Greenland and it is the world’s smallest capital city. One of the most popular attractions is the National Museum and Archives covering 4,500 years of Greenland history and including an incredible display of 500-year-old mummies discovered in Qilakitsoq.

Spend time walking around the colonial harbour in the old quarter of Nuuk as there are lots of wonderful souvenir shops and the Tourist Office, which is a great place to stop for a friendly chat. A statue of Hans Egede stands on a hilltop looking out over the sea and from this hilltop there's a wonderful view of the fjord and town. Down in the water, right next to the red wooden cathedral, is the beautiful 'Sassuma Arnaa'  translated as Mother of the Sea, a granite figure which is visible above the surface of the water at low tide and which disappears below the waves at high tide. There are restaurants and bars to hang out in, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.

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