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Tajikistan Tajikistan

Capital:   Dushanbe
Currency:   Tajikistani somoni
Time Zone:   GMT + 5
Visa Info:  
UK passport holders must obtain a visa for Tajikistan holidays, click here for an application pack.
Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows
Whilst in Dushanbe clients should visit Nurek, formerly a restricted zone during the Soviet era. Included is a visit to Nurek Dam, constructed in 1961 on the River Vakhsh, which is still the world's tallest hydroelectric dam (310m) and provides more than 90% of Tajikistan's electricity. A narrow road winds up to the top of the dam, affording spectacular views of the Pulisangin Canyon. The town of Nurek is a fascinating preserved piece of Soviet history where a statue of Lenin still stands in the central square. There is a small but interesting museum dedicated to the construction of the dam, and the town's library contains signed copies of books by many prominent Soviet personalities, including the cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.
Amphitheatre building in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Remote landscape, Tajikistan
Shores of Iskander-Kul Lake, Tajikistan

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You can't beat Tajikistan holidays for pure adventure. With around 90% of the country covered in mountains this is heaven for those who embrace the great outdoors, with countless opportunities for hiking, riding, cycling and water sports. Beautiful and remote, the Pamir Mountains dominate with their three giant peaks and the thrilling road trip along the Pamir Highway. Here you will find secluded mountain communities, lakeland scenery, picturesque valleys and even, it is rumoured, the elusive yeti.

Green and spacious, the capital, Dushanbe is a pleasing city with wide, tree-lined boulevards and elegant buildings ringed by brooding mountains. Don't miss market day at the Kurbon Bazaar where all manner of goods are bought and sold. Follow the rushing river through the the Varzob Gorge and take the road to the top of the Nurek Dam for spectacular views. Step back into the Soviet era at nearby Nurek town with its statue of Lenin.

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Check out the fossilised dinosaur tracks in Shirkent Gorge, overnight with a family in a traditional yurt and breathe in the pure mountain air as you ponder the view of the Hissor Valley, hugged by mountains, from the ruins of 18th-century Hissor Fort.

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