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Laura Dickinson
Sweden Travel Specialist

Travellers to Sweden discover a land of contrasts. Here an enduring Viking heritage is juxtaposed with bright and sophisticated contemporary culture, while serene pastoral beauty blends seamlessly into buzzing, vibrant urban centres. Summer holidays explore a verdant countryside strewn with azure lakes, swathes of endless forest, ancient landmarks and timeless villages, before delving headfirst into exciting multicultural hubs such as the cities of Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg with their plethora of museums, fine restaurants and boutiques housed in medieval and baroque architecture.

Such eclecticism means that a holiday or tour to Sweden truly offers something for everyone. Whether cycling across picture-perfect landscapes under the midnight sun, mixing with the hip intelligentsia at a buzzing nightclub or hopping from remote island to remote island, you’ll enjoy a dazzlingly distinct and unforgettable country at its peak. Sweden's creativity extends to its architecture, with the incredible TreeHotel offering guests the opportunity to bed down in a suspended room shaped as a UFO, birds nest, mirrored cube or classic cabin.

In the winter, Sweden holidays are all about heading north to the snowy reaches of Lapland, where snow-drenched mountains offer skiing experiences far from the crowds of the Alps and log cabins and the famous ICEHOTEL, made entirely of ice, welcome guests with hot juice. Here days are filled with explorations of the snowy wilds – from husky sledging, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing to ice fishing, wilderness training and snowmobiling. Once the sun dips below the horizon, clear skies come alive with the dancing ribbons of the northern lights. Click here to explore our full range of Lapland holidays.

Holiday Types

Northern Lights Holidays
Northern Lights Holidays
Head north to search for the beautiful natural phenomena, the northern lights.
Short Breaks
Short Breaks
Our top trips to experience a destination, even if you don't have a few weeks to spare.
Winter Holidays
Winter Holidays
Brush aside the winter blues with one of our exciting winter holiday suggestions.

Popular Destinations in Sweden

   Aurora Sky Station

Specialist Recommendations

   Jukkasjärvi & ICEHOTEL

Regent Sweden Specialist

Emma Brown
For a fairytale winter holiday, Sweden is a great alternative to Finland, which can get quite crowded during the peak travel months of December and January.  Slightly more mountainous, Sweden holidays can include skiing, and this part of Lapland also rivals Finland with its array of incredible unique places to stay, from treehouses to traditional Sami tents. ICEHOTEL is one of the most impressive, with rooms individually designed and carved from ice each year – it’s popular, so worth booking well in advance.

Emma's Tips
Sleep in a UFO, a bird's nest or a mirrored cube in one of the TreeHotel's totally unique, elevated accommodations.
For a fantastic chance of seeing the northern lights, travel to the world-famous Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park.
Visit a Swedish Sami family to learn about the traditions and sample the food of the northernmost indigenous people of Europe.



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