Sweden Holidays

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Sweden Holidays

Travel to Sweden and discover a land of contrasts, where an enduring Viking heritage is juxtaposed with bright and sophisticated contemporary culture and serene pastoral beauty cedes seamlessly into buzzing, vibrant urban centres. Explore a verdant countryside strewn with azure lakes, swathes of endless forest, ancient landmarks and timeless villages, before delving headfirst into exciting multicultural hubs such as the cities of Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg with their plethora of fascinating museums, designer bars, fine restaurants and boutiques housed in gleaming medieval and baroque architecture.

Such eclecticism means that a holiday or tour to Sweden truly offers something for everyone. Whether cycling across picture-perfect landscapes under the midnight sun, mixing with the hip intelligentsia at a buzzing nightclub or hopping from remote island to remote island, you’ll enjoy a dazzlingly distinct and unforgettable country at its peak.

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