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Kiruna Holidays

Kiruna, Sweden's most northern town, sits in the heart of Swedish Lapland, 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

The village sits directly under the aurora oval and is the gateway to Abisko National Park, the top rated northern lights hunting destination in the world, where the lights shine almost every clear winter night of the year. Kiruna is also the starting point of the Arctic Circle Trail which travels to Norway, and is also where guests seeking a unique night spent at Sweden's famous ICEHOTEL will fly into.

The surrounding region has been inhabited for over 6,000 years, making Kiruna is an excellent place from which to learn about the history of the ancient Sámi people.

It is also home to Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden as well as the world's largest underground iron-ore mine.

Unusually, Kiruna is also a town on the move. Over the next 20 years the city and its 18,000 residence will be relocating 2 miles to the east of the current position, ironically to escape the clutches of the very mine the town was built for, which has become so vast that it is starting to cause infrastructure issues to the town that sits on top of it.

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