Borneo Orangutan Adoption Scheme

Borneo Orangutan Adoption Scheme

Regent Holidays are proud to be working with Orangutan Appeal UK, a UK based charity dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of orangutans and the conservation of their natural habitat. 

The Appeal is working to protect the remaining wild populations of orangutans by providing support and funding for projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo. The Appeal is authorised to work on behalf of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Borneo, which comprises 43 square kilometres of protected land on the edge of the Kabili Sepilok Forest Reserve. Once the orangutans are sufficiently rehabilitated and have learnt essential life skills, which can take many years, they are released into the reserve as a kind of ‘halfway house’: the reserve is essentially the wild but the Rehabilitation Centre still offers support in the way of 2 square meals a day if the orangutans need it. The hope is that eventually this support will no longer be needed and the animals will eventually become fully integrated back into the wilds of the reserve or beyond........
In order to help support this very good cause, for every Borneo holiday booking, Regent Holidays will sponsor our chosen orangutan, Gelison, in your names for a year. The funds generated by this donation will help towards the important work the Centre is doing. Every adoption pack includes the following: 
  • Details of Gelison and his journey so far
  • Two glossy photographs of Gelison
  • An adoption certificate of appreciation 
  • An Orangutan Appeal UK newsletter
  • An orangutan fact sheet
  • A CD containing footage of Gelison
  • Jute shopping bag
  • Soft toy orangutan
Click here to read Gelison’s story

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