Beijing Holidays


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Beijing Holidays

Beijing, China’s capital and second largest city, is a truly astonishing city that enchants, enlightens and entertains at every turn. A startlingly modern, youthful and progressive place, you’d be forgiven for thinking China has completely abandoned Communism in favour of more Western ideals, but delve a little deeper and you will discover the cultural and historical treasures that have intrigued outsiders for centuries, as well as haunting echoes of its notorious past.

At the heart of Beijing lies the vast Tiananmen Square and magical Forbidden City, both a must for any visitor looking for a comprehensive and colourful glimpse into China’s illustrious Imperial past and its eccentric-but-somewhat-terrifying post-revolution endeavours. Explore the city from here and you will find a plethora of remarkable temples, ornate houses, atmospheric hutong (narrow passageways,) sparkling lakes, bustling markets, tranquil parks and exquisite palaces.

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