Private Group Tours

Private Group Tours

Since our first-ever tour to Albania in 1971, we've taken plenty of curious travellers on pioneering adventures to untouched lands. This includes arranging private group tours, from festive family holidays in Lapland to corporate events in Iceland. Whatever your group looks like, big or small, for business or for a personal holiday, we can create a tailor-made tour to suit your group. As it's private, no one else will be with your group, so you can enjoy the experience together. 

Our speciality is lesser-known territories and regions. Exploring everything from the backstreets of the Baltics, the rural beauty of the Azores, and the historical cities of the Balkans, a trip with Regent will reveal the world to your group in a whole new light. In most cases, our tours include transport, accommodation right in the heart of your chosen country or city, and meals. You’ll be led by an expert tour leader, who can steer your group in the right direction and impart their unique knowledge for an immersive, cultural and authentic experience.

Why Book a Private Group Tour

Freedom and flexibility 

The itinerary of your private group tour will be tailored to suit you and your fellow travellers. The schedule is up to you, as are the sights you see and the experiences you take on. 

Privacy and comfort

Your group won't have to share transportation with anybody else, or accommodation - you'll have plenty of space and time to enjoy together, away from the crowds.

No rush

Your tour needn't be about hopping from place to place, trying to tick each landmark off the list. With a tailored tour, your group can spend as much time as desired soaking up the scenery, or the city atmosphere. 

Undivided Attention from Your Tour Leader

Focused solely on your group, your knowledgeable tour leader can take the time to thoroughly answer your questions, and indulge the group's curiosities.


Why Book a Private Group Holiday with Regent

Personalised travel

Regent offers tours in the world's most remote and unfrequented spots, with tailor-made holidays and detailed itineraries that let you get a know a place in depth. 

Hidden gems

Your group can be among the exclusive few who experience the rarest opportunities around the world on a truly unique and individual holiday. 

Expert local guides 

Regent's private group tours give you a ticket to the world's inside tracks, delving deep into the secrets of the most incredible places with a knowledgeable private guide. 

The most fascinating adventures

At Regent, we know that different places appeal to different travellers, so we offer a variety of tours to suit your interests - from fly-drive holidays to leisurely walking holidays.

Speak to us

To take your group on the most inspired adventure for them, we aim to fully understand what you’re looking for. If you’re organising your group’s incredible journey and would like some help, speak to one of our travel experts today. They can help you choose the most incredible tour to suit all kinds of parties.

Whether you’d like to take trolley bus enthusiasts to Moldova, or plane spotters to Kazakhstan, we can arrange the best tailor-made trip for you.


FAQs about your Private Group Holiday

What is a private group tour?

It's a guided tour where a group of people, often family or friends, book an entire tour exclusively for themselves. Unlike open group tours where individuals or smaller groups can join, private group tours are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the booking group.

What's the minimum size of the group?

The minimum size for a private group tour can vary. There may not be a fixed minimum size, but it's often more cost-effective for larger groups. Typically, private group tours are designed for groups ranging from 8 to 20 or more participants. 

What kind of holiday can we take?

The kind of holiday you can take on a private group tour is highly flexible and depends on your preferences. You can choose from a wide range of destinations from the ones we cover and tour types, including cultural tours, adventure tours, wildlife-focused tours, beach stays, city explorations and more. Your perfect itinerary can be customised to match your interests, whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway, an adventure-packed journey, or an immersive cultural experience.

Who will I be dealing with?

When booking a private group tour, you will typically deal with one of our highly experienced destination specialists who will be your main point of contact throughout. We will assist you in planning and customising the tour based on your group's preferences. We will coordinate all the logistics, including accommodations, transportation, activities and guides, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Do you offer guided tours? 

Most private group tours include the services of experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the destination and can provide insights, information, and assistance throughout the journey. The level of guiding can vary, from full-time guides accompanying the group to occasional local guides at specific destinations.

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