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Fergus Jones
Bosnia-Herzegovina Travel Specialist

Bosnia-Herzegovina has firmly established itself on the Balkan tourist trail with visitors drawn by its tapestry of dramatic alpine scenery threaded through by thundering rivers, peppered with ancient towns, hidden monasteries, and mediaeval fortresses nestled away near isolated villages.

In a country where Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations meet Roman and Austro-Hungarian influences, you’ll find Orthodox churches and Catholic cathedrals just a stone’s throw away from each other.

The country has been through more than most European nations in recent years, and travellers with an open mind will relish the unusual opportunity to experience a country in the process of reinventing itself. Here the revitalised charms of Mostar evoke the Bosnia-Herzegovina of old, neatly contrasting with the buzz of up-and-coming Sarajevo – a buzzing testament to ethnic diversity and social regeneration.

One of the highlights of a trip to Mostar is a visit to the striking landmark bridge, where divers jump into the waters of the Neretva River below. Travellers short on time can enjoy a vibrant city break in Sarajevo, or combine it with Mostar.

For those with a week or more to spare, there’s plenty to entertain out of the cities: step back in time in sleepy Krajeva Sutjeska; investigate the catacombs in Jajce which were used for shelter during the war; hike along trails through the glorious Dinaric Alps or visit the village at the end of the world.

Regent Bosnia-Herzegovina Specialist

Ellie Marr

Ellie Marr
Bosnia-Herzegovina Travel Specialist
The Bosnian people are one of this intriguing country's greatest assets and time spent mixing with at least a few locals should be included in your holiday. They may be a nation recovering after the horrors of war, but the Bosnians are a warm and welcoming nationality, who take their coffee and guest-hosting very seriously - locals would never dream of not having a fresh pot of coffee brewing for visitors!

Ellie's Tips
Combine Belgrade and Sarajevo: travel between them by bus for an authentic experience, journeying with locals.
Head out to Bosnia's most isolated village to enjoy a hearty traditional meal in a family home.
In Sarajevo, visit the Turkish quarter to settle down at a local coffee shop and spend an afternoon perusing local craft shops.

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