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Trans-Siberian Railway Holidays

For more than a century, the Trans-Siberian trains have chugged across the world’s largest country and past the world’s deepest lake regardless of weather, revolution or political upheaval, providing an essential link for families and traders alike.

Transporting refugees, exotic and mundane goods and those seeking a new life, these working trains have since been fitted with cabins and shower facilities. On several trains, Trans-Siberian Railway holidays are typically shared with many varied nationalities and your most vivid memories will be from these chance meetings as much as from the scenery and typically Soviet facilities.

We also offer luxury Trans-Siberian Railway holidays on board the Tsar's Gold and Imperial trains. Read about our luxury Trans-Siberian Railway tours.

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Regent Holidays & The Trans-Siberian Railway


We have been arranging Trans-Siberian Railway holidays since 1980 so we can offer expertise in planning specialist group and tailor-made individual arrangements.

For travellers who recognise it’s the journey and not the arrival that matters, a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway cannot be beaten. Those wanting to experience Russia beyond Moscow and St Petersburg will find many historic cities, authentic working towns and picturesque landscapes along the route, providing an in-depth glimpse into this vast region.

Our staff have travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway many times over the past 34 years and will be happy to share their experiences and recommendations with you.

We also offer luxury Trans-Siberian Railway holidays on board the Tsar's Gold and Imperial trains. Click here to find out more about our luxury Trans-Siberian Railway tour, travelling from Moscow to Beijing aboard the Tsar's Gold.

Watch the video below to discover life on board the Tsar's Gold: 



When To Go And Where To Go on the Trans-Siberian Railway


We recommend including the following stops to complete your Trans-Siberian Railway holiday: 

Named after two Catherines - Peter the Great’s wife and the Russian patron saint of mining - Yekaterinburg has a rich and varied history which is well worth uncovering. Probably most famous as the location where the Romanovs met their end in 1918 and also as the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin, this prosperous, gem-rush town is also a great base for exploring the Ural mountains. Stay for two nights and enjoy excursions to the Romanov Monastery complex as well as the Europe-Asia Obelisk and perhaps even experience a real Russian banya.

After travelling 5,178km from Moscow, break the journey with a stop at Irkutsk – the gateway to beautiful Lake Baikal. A two night stay in this historic city will allow for a full day excursion to the shore of the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake which stretches for nearly 400 miles through southeastern Siberia. Surrounded by mile-high snow-capped mountains, the region is a unique area of natural beauty, and in the summer months, it’s possible to travel by hydrofoil to the lakeshore settlement of Listvyanka at the source of the Angara River.
If you’re travelling through to Beijing, a stop in Mongolia’s quirky capital is a must. Spend a night in the city and discover Ulaanbaatar’s communist history and decorative monasteries before transferring to the more serene Terelj National Park for two nights. Stay in a Mongolian ger camp, visit an ancient Buddhist temple, and meet a nomadic family to learn about the traditional way of life. For those with more time to spare, perhaps consider taking the train from Ulaanbaatar to Sainshand to explore the incredible East Gobi before continuing on to Beijing.

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