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Christina Gibbons
Trans-Siberian RailwayTravel Specialist

For more than a century, the Trans-Siberian trains have chugged across the world’s largest country, regardless of weather, revolution or political upheaval, providing an essential link for families and traders alike. For travellers who recognise that it’s the journey and not always the destination that matters, an epic Trans-Siberian Railway Journey cannot be beaten.

Transporting locals, exotic and mundane goods, military personnel and those seeking a new life, the working trains are not designed for lavish travels in style, but they provide travellers with an authentic experience and a genuine sense of adventure. Days on board are spent conversing with other fascinating voyagers and gazing out over ever-changing Siberian scenery, broken up by stops at remote railroad towns, lesser-visited cities like Kazan and Yekaterinburg steeped in Soviet history, and trips to the world’s largest freshwater lake: Lake Baikal.

Those looking to journey in greater comfort can opt instead for a luxury journey aboard a private chartered train, with plush cabins and fine dining, such as the Tsar’s Gold or the Imperial train. Typical routes stretch between Moscow and Beijing, or end instead in Ulaanbaatar allowing voyagers to explore the Gobi Desert. For an even more alternative experience, the BAM Railway – short for the Baikal-Amur Mainline – departs from the main Trans-Siberian line to instead end in Vladivostok.

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Railway Holidays
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   Ulan Ude

Regent Trans-Siberian Railway Specialist

Christina Gibbons
You spend so much of your journey across the tundra on board, that we recommend getting to know your carriage attendant! These people become all-powerful during the journey and can make terrific allies. They clean your compartment and bathroom, let you know how long the train will stop for in each city, lock your compartment whilst you are dining in the restaurant carriage and most, importantly, make sure you're awake and ready to depart the train when it's time to get off and explore your latest stop.

Christina's Tips
During the summer, take a dip in the deep, cool waters of Lake Baikal; one swim is rumoured to add years to your life.
Explore the Baroque churches, colourful buildings and a lively dining scene in the old town of Irkutsk.
Sample smoked omul. You can't say you've visited Siberia until you've tucked into Lake Baikal's endemic fish.

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