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Susanne Muskita
Cambodia Travel Specialist

Cambodia holidays are all about immersion in history, both ancient and modern. Few sights on earth can rival the majesty of Angkor Wat, the immense ancient temple to which Cambodia owes its 'must visit' status, silhouetted against fiery orange skies at sunrise. Everyone recognises the iconic Khmer architecture of Angkor Thom – the magnificent remains of an intelligent and resourceful civilisation – but there are hundreds of temples scattered around Angkor, covering 400 square kilometres of countryside around Siem Reap. Bayon, the temple of many carved faces and jungle-clad Ta Promh, which with twisting roots and vines covering the stone many recognise as the setting for Tomb Raider, are two of the other most popular to visit.

But there's so much more to a Cambodia holiday, and our tours are designed to ensure you have time to get under the skin of the rest of the country. Often found high up on traveller’s ‘must-see’ list and an important part of any visit to Cambodia, it’s sobering to understand the harrowing recent history with visits to the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields of Phnom Penh. Then away from the crowds to discover sleepy towns, gems of colonial architecture, lesser visited Angkorian temples and a largely undeveloped coastline. For travellers looking for adventure, spend a night in a luxury camping experience in the remote temple of Koh Ker, where you can awake to the sunrise over the jungle temples.

Regent Cambodia Specialist

Michael Voss

Michael Voss
Cambodia Travel Specialist
Cambodia is a beautiful country with a rich and diverse history and culture. Rightly known for its temples at Angkor Wat we would definitely suggest heading further into the jungles, away from the crowds and discovering some of the “lost” temples where for hundred of years the trees have been attempting to reclaim these ancient places of worship.

Michael's Tips
The town of Kep is renowned for its seafood - especially the crab. Sample the freshest with Kampot pepper at the crab market.
The Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, dedicated to the Khmer Rouge victims, is sobering but a must to understand the country's recent history.
Stay in a luxury tented safari camp by the temples, where you'll be the only guests the skies are filled with stars.

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