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Stef Studley
Papua New Guinea Travel Specialist

A holiday to Papua New Guinea abounds with adventure.

Offering a heady mix of colourful encounters with traditional tribes, intrepid exploration in wildlife-rich jungles and world-class diving metres from pristine sandy beaches, this astounding collection of islands is as diverse as they come.

Papua New Guinea holidays blend an intoxicating concoction of introductions to both the local peoples and the biodiverse flora and fauna.

The country’s ancient cultures still thrive and age-old traditions are still practised – visitors can attend fire-dancing ceremonies and interact with the masked mud-men of Goroka – while remnants of more recent historic events still litter some of the towns and jungles; Japanese war relics are still present in New Britain province from the second world war.

Visitors can find themselves heading to the Highlands to discover the country’s incredible birdlife, before experiencing first hand the culture and traditional lives of the indigenous Huli Wigmen, with vibrantly-painted faces and extravagant headdresses. The explosive Mt Tavurvur – an impressive stratovolcano on the coast of New Britain – is a ‘must see’ when exploring the country’s eastern islands and active travellers seeking a challenge can opt to tackle part of the gruelling Kokoda Trail through rugged landscapes to retrace the steps of wartime POWs.

The video below, courtesy of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Board, offers a glimpse into the annual Sepik River Crocodile & Arts fetival, a cultural celebration held by the traditional communities of the Sepik River area, in which the freshwater crocodile is revered.

Speak to Stef about joining our brand new group tour which attends this event and learn about the beliefs and legends that surround this animal.

Regent Papua New Guinea Specialist

Stef Studley

Stef Studley
Papua New Guinea Travel Specialist
Two things: visit now while Papua New Guinea remains untouched, and plan your visit to attend a festival. Travelling through PNG is akin to being transported to the days of early man – a land where jungle tribes rule and the only foreigners seem to be film crews. Before it all becomes popular or diluted by visitors, stand in the front row for a festival or tribal performance to truly experience the ancient cultures.

Stef's Tips
Watch local tribes don spectacular headdresses and perform dances to the beat of lizard-skin drums at Warwigara Festival.
Hikers can tackle the four-day climb up PNG's highest peak, Mount Wilhelm, for spectacular views from 4,500 metres.
The best place to spot birds of paradise is in the highlands; PNG's tropical forests are home to 39 of the 41 species that exist.

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