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Bhutan Holidays

Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, a mystical Himalayan country sandwiched between the Tibetan plateau and India. Home to a deeply spiritual population, Bhutan boasts soaring views of the surrounding rugged mountain ranges. The country is home to a range of ecosystems from steep forested hills and fast flowing rivers to the vast mountainous landscapes of the high Himalaya and has been internationally acknowledged as a biodiversity hotspot. Bhutan boasts many species of birds and plant life, including the black-necked crane and blue poppy, their national flower, as well as other rare and endangered species from the golden langur, blue sheep and water buffalo to the elusive red panda, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard and tiger.

A Bhutan holiday can offer a good choice of activities for those interested in adventure activities including trekking of all grades, horse riding, cycling, wildlife touring and even the national sport of archery. Yet the spiritual aspects of the country are hugely interesting and an important part of any visit to Bhutan. The stunning dzongs (fort-monastery) and goembas (Mahayana Buddhist monastery) are truly awe-inspiring with the highlight of them all generally regarded as Taktshang Goemba, or Tiger's Nest Monastery, in the Paro Valley. The building is one of the country’s most important religious sites and seems to cling high to the side of a sheer cliff: the view from the monastery is simply breathtaking. 

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About Bhutan

Still relatively new to tourism, Bhutan only opened its doors to visitors in the 1970’s. Development has stepped up a pace since the early 1990’s with some road development and a good range of quality accommodation now available with some truly superb options such as the Amankora lodges dotted through the valleys of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Bumthang.

However the emphasis for the Bhutanese is always on preserving their environmental and cultural heritage so prices tend to be regarded as high but the price paid is an inclusive price for most services. Independent travel in Bhutan is not allowed (except for Indian nationals), all visitors must be on an organised itinerary otherwise visas will be denied. 

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Welcome to the Party!
For such a small country the cultural diversity in Bhutan is significant and the prolonged colourful and energetic festivals and tsechus are a vibrant expression of the people’s identity. The festivals celebrate Buddhist teachings and events and are a chance for locals to have their sins ‘washed away’. However, they are also important social events with many families reconnecting after months apart. Villagers don their best clothes and share meals of ema datse and momos washed down with fiery local rice wine while watching lively mask dances and performances. Any Bhutan holiday can be arranged around a festival, speak to a Regent Bhutan Specialist today.

Hike the Hills
Experience some truly wonderful trekking over pristine landscapes, past roaring rivers and through intriguing rural villages. Whether it’s taking on the infamous 24-day Snowman trek to the remote Lunana district or a collection of gentle day hikes through the lush and fertile Bumthang Valleys, the variety and beauty of Bhutan’s trekking makes it a key reason for many to visit this small Himalayan gem. And don’t think it’s all about getting back to nature and sleeping under canvas, many of the walks can be tackled in a day so you can hike safe in the knowledge there is a comfortable bed and Bhutan’s renowned hospitality waiting for you at the end of your adventure!

Wildlife & Nature
Bhutan’s rugged and often remote terrain may not seem conducive to a variety of wildlife but in fact the country is regarded as a real biodiversity hotspot. Boasting a minimum 60% national parkland with terrains ranging from high ice peaks and glaciers to subtropical forests, these environments are home to many rare and endangered animals including red pandas, Bengal tigers, golden langurs and the extremely shy snow leopard. In autumn and winter, migratory black-necked cranes, which are seen as a sign of luck, return from their summer homes and can be seen performing flamboyant mating dances in the Phobjikha and Bomdeling Sanctuaries.

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