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Marianne Grimshaw
Uzbekistan Travel Specialist

Rich in Islamic architecture gracing the cities of the old Silk Road, Uzbekistan holidays dazzle with their dramatic mountains, stark deserts and fertile valleys. Travellers interested in history, from the ancient to the modern, won't be disappointed by the fascinating blend of Silk Road and Soviet history. Ancient Samarkand, many visitors’ number one attraction in Uzbekistan, positively flaunts its beauty with the glittering blue-mosaic covered mosques and madrassahs surrounding Registan Square. Still on the Silk Road, Bukhara boasts a citadel-like Ark, its labyrinthine streets home to mosques and madrassahs, and tourists can step back in time by entering the ancient walled city of Khiva, a living museum.

Modern times have also left their mark on other regions of Uzbekistan; alongside the ancient mausoleums and imposing madrassahs of Tashkent sit many examples of Soviet-era architecture, and the Soviet-built capital of the Karakalpakstan Republic, Nukus, is well worth a visit. Perhaps combine this with a visit to intriguing Moynaq – once a major port on the Aral Sea it now finds itself stranded 100km from the sea with skeletons of ships marooned on the bone-dry seabed. An Uzbekistan holiday isn't just about historic cities though, away from civilisation the Kyzlkum Desert is home to nomads and the lush Fergana Valley is surrounded by the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains.

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   Fergana Valley

Regent Uzbekistan Specialist

Marianne Grimshaw
Of all the former Soviet republics in Central Asia, Uzbekistan may be the most evocative of the glory days of the Silk Road. If you only have a short time be sure to visit the treasures to be found in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Discovering the blue-tiled mosques and madrassahs in Registan Square, Samarkand’s centrepiece, the sandy walls of the Ark Citadel in Bukhara and travelling through the desert to the walled-city of Khiva, you can almost still hear the horse and camel-hooves of the ancient trading caravans that passed through.

Marianne's Tips
Uncover the silk industry in Fergana Valley; watch silkworms munch on mulberry leaves and see the dying and weaving processes.
Visit Moynaq’s graveyard of ships on the dried Aral Sea.
Head north of Khiva to the abandoned desert castles for a less-polished insight into the region’s nomadic tribe wars.



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