Faroe Islands Holidays


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Faroe Islands Holidays

Hidden between Iceland and Norway in the heart of the North Atlantic’s swift current are the Faroe Islands, an unexplored archipelago offering unspoilt landscapes, exceptionally fresh air and some of the most unpredictable weather in the world.

The Gulf Stream encompassing the islands moderates the climate and although summers are not stifling, the temperature in the winter months never drops below 3°C. These remote islands are jam-packed with stunning scenery, walking trails and a unique architectural heritage.

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Faroe Islands holidays offer the chance to see nature and wildlife, dramatic landscapes, and some of the the perfect nesting environment for migrating birds, the cliffs on the northern and western coasts act like a magnet in the summer months to species including puffins, storm petrels, gannets and guillemots. On the largest of the islands, Streymoy you’ll find one of the world’s smallest capitals, Torshavn, which bursts into life with cultural and music events from June to August. Travel a couple of hours south from the capital by ferry and discover Suduroy, often described as the most beautiful of all the islands. With dramatic bird cliffs on its west coast and rural countryside in the east, the scenery here is simply breathtaking.

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