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Marianne Grimshaw
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Often overlooked by visitors to the region, this reclusive Central Asian state is slowly emerging as a must-see destination. Turkmenistan holidays are perfect for travellers wanting to discover the history around the Silk Road, the ancient trade route which linked China and Europe. From the inviting capital, Ashgabat, to the vast Karakum Desert and ancient Silk Road cities, the Turkmenistan holidays are filled with the warmth and welcome of the local peoples, many of whom still live a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Visiting Ashgabat, there’s no escaping the grandiose monuments to former President Niyazov. A tour of the capital explores the vast squares and lavish palaces from the viewing platform of the Arch of Neutrality – complete with a golden statue of the president – and experience the bustling Tolkuchka bazaar, where locals in traditional dress haggle for camels and cars.

But Turkmenistan holidays really gather momentum as soon as they head into the boundless Karakum Desert. Here adventure awaits active travellers: camp by flaming gas craters, visit semi-nomadic villages and spend the night in a yurt. Visitors also have the opportunity to discover ancient cities which provided important stopping points and trading posts along the old Silk Road, with the minarets and mausoleums still towering in Konye Urgench and the ruins of the oasis town of Merv easily accessible.

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Marianne Grimshaw
This insular country has been ruled since independence by dictators who do their best to keep the eyes of the world on the what they want them to see. Building statues and monuments to themselves and writing a code for all Turkmen to live by they have created a bizarre and strange world. Travellers will find to a nation hidden away, filled with archaeological sites charting the ancient silk road and mediaeval minarets standing alone in the desert. Travellers often miss out on the natural sites which are also in abundance with the Koytendag Plateau dinosaur footprints, the pink and orange hues of the Yangikala Canyons and the Kopet Dag Mountains. One not to be missed is the Darvaza gas crater burning in the desert.

Marianne's Tips
The Darvaza Crater is iconic - for an epic experience, camp overnight nearby and watch the flames in the dark.
For a Central Asia holiday with a twist, perhaps opt to travel by rail and enjoy an epic journey through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
For ancient history, set off for Gonur Depe archaeological site to explore Bronze Age excavations.

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