Northern Europe Holidays


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Northern Europe Holidays

Some of the world's last pristine wildernesses and travel frontiers lie far closer than you might expect; the staggeringly beautiful arctic regions of Northern Europe are beginning to become accessible for people other than adventure-hardened polar explorers. The frozen winter landscapes of Norway and Finland, for example, offer superb opportunities to view the northern lights.

Travellers (and low-cost airlines) are cottoning on to Iceland, and with it's astounding portfolio of volcanic landscapes and geothermal wonders, who can blame them? But we know that Iceland is a fantastic choice for a summer break too and we'll take you to the remote northern regions for crowd-free exploration. Speaking of remote, we recommend setting off to search for polar bears hunting around glacier-dominated Greenland or travelling to the most northern capital city in the world; Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen. 

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