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Marianne Grimshaw
Lebanon Travel Specialist

Neighbouring one of the other new additions to our Middle East portfolio, Israel, Lebanon is a small but beautiful coastal country, boasting ancient cities, dramatic mountain ranges carpeted by ancient oak trees, and a well-deserved reputation as a must-visit destination for travellers keen to get under the skin of the history and religious roots of the region.

Set at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Arabia, here visitors can delve deep into the cultures which defined and shaped the region, from the Phoenician maritime kingdoms to the Roman and Ottoman Empires, and early Christianity and Islam. Beirut, the country’s lively capital, is a major seaport and one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited for over 5,000 years. After going through a rebuilding process following the Lebanese Civil War, this diverse city blends nearby ancient historic sites with an urban financial business district, Ottoman and Venetian Gothic architecture, and a modern waterfront marina with souks and mosques just outside the city.


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Regent Lebanon Specialist

Marianne Grimshaw
Despite the length of time since Lebanon’s civil war it is still the first thing on many people’s minds when this small and diverse country is mentioned. Lebanon has come a long way since then and has held together recently even with conflict raging around it. Whilst the government is still in its infancy and the country’s issues are by no means solved it is still a welcoming destination for tourists. Historical sites are everywhere from the epic Roman ruins of Baalbek to the Umayyad ruins at Aanjar, Crusader castles of Byblos and Sidon and Phoenician remains littering the coast. The country is less known for the natural highlights, but the mountains that run down the country provide a winter playground for skiers with plenty of ski resorts on offer. In the summer hikers can head through the cedar forests following the Lebanon Mountain trail staying overnight in homestays and visiting ancient villages.

Marianne's Tips
For an authentic experience, spend a night in Byblos and watch the sunset from the harbour, or overnight in a monastery in the Qadisha Valley.
Several ski resorts lie close to the capital and the climate and size of the country mean you can ski in the morning, and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon.
Lebanon's vineyards produce excellent wines and no trip is complete without a winery tour and tasting.



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