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Peter Wybrow
Russia Travel Specialist

Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war and FCDO advice, we aren’t currently quoting or booking any holidays to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. In these dark times, our thoughts go out to everyone affected. 

Here at Regent Holidays, we have always pushed the boundaries of tourism. This means taking intrigued travellers to some of Russia’s most fascinating – and often lesser-known – destinations. Since our first forays into the former Soviet Union in the early 1980s, we have been pioneering new and unique holidays to Russia.

A holiday to Russia should always include Moscow’s Red Square with the towering Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral. Consider combining this with St Petersburg, which provides visitors with a wealth of imperial parks and palaces to choose from, including the world-renowned State Hermitage Museum.

But our Russia holidays are far more than visits to the popular, grandiose cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. Take a river cruise on a hand-picked vessel which gently carries you through the countryside, stopping at small river-side villages, or clatter across deepest Siberia aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway on an epic railroad journey.

Explore Russia’s furthest frontiers, from the easterly Kamchatka peninsula to the northern lights-spying town of Murmansk in the north. Discover our group tours which take you through the country with like-minded travellers to uncover the history of Russian Space Exploration or the fall of the Soviet Union.

We know Russia like the backs of our hands. Speak to one of our Travel Specialists today and discover this vast nation which offers incredible travel experiences for everyone.

Regent Russia Specialist

Peter Wybrow

Peter Wybrow
Russia Travel Specialist
Russia is such a vast country, with an almost endless collection of cities worth exploring and a fascinating history that could take months to delve deeper into. For first-time visitors, we suggest beginning your experience of Russia with our popular Moscow & St Petersburg combination tours - easily combined in a trip that compares and contrast these titans, it's an easy way to get to grips with Russia's wealth, beautiful ornate palaces, it's closed Soviet past and increasingly open modern life. Then, travellers after a more unique and authentic Russia experience have plenty of options to head further from the beaten track; journeys along the epic Trans-Siberian Railway, visit historic towns like Yekaterinburg and Kazan, hunt for the northern lights in Murmansk or head to the remote Kamchatka Peninsula.

Peter's Tips
For a unique sleep, spend a night at the luxury Hermitage Hotel, owned by St Petersburg's famous treasure trove of art.
In Zaryadye Park, you can explore Russia's natural landscapes - tundra, steppe, forest and wetland - without leaving Moscow.
Dr Zhivago, in Moscow, is a spectacular place to try Russia's famous traditional Olivier salad.

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