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Carl Meadows
Kazakhstan Travel Specialist

In Kazakhstan, nature is king.

This vast country, rarely at the top of travellers’ bucket lists, is home to otherworldly landscapes where mighty snow-capped mountains roll into endless steppes and barren deserts. Here travellers enjoy the pristine wilderness where nature reserves abound with indigenous flora and fauna - the elusive snow leopard even offers rare glimpses of itself for truly lucky visitors.

Kazakhstan holidays often begin by taking in Almaty, the former capital and a prosperous city with broad boulevards, chic restaurants, shops and leafy Panfilov Park, home to the wooden Zenkov Cathedral. This is contrasted with the new capital, Astana, which has a proliferation of skyscrapers dominated by the futuristic Baiterek Tower.

Travellers with an interest in history will revel in the role that the Kazakh steppe and oasis towns played in the great Silk Road, and should make time to visit Turkestan, home to the magnificent 14th-century mausoleum and desolate Fort Shevchenko by the Caspian Sea.

Also often overlooked, is Kazakhstan’s role in modern history – space exploration, in particular. Head out to tour the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s largest space launch facility and used by the Russians, from where Yuri Gagarin was launched into space.

Regent Kazakhstan Specialist

Carl Meadows

Carl Meadows
Kazakhstan Travel Specialist
As you might expect from the 9th-largest country in the world, there are numerous reasons to visit Kazakhstan. But, a good place to start is the now-former capital of Almaty, surrounded by mountains and a fascinating city where the ancient Silk Road origins can be seen to mix with more recent Soviet influences. The region is where the apple originated and the city is home to the second tallest wooden building in the world built without the use of nails, Zenkov Cathedral.

Carl's Tips
Home of the Soviet space programme, try and watch the launch of a Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Here it is traditional to hunt with birds of prey, attend a demonstration of working with these magnificent birds.
The capital, Astana, is a plaything for modern architects – ascend the Baiterek Tower, a golden orb sitting atop a tower.

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