Mt Myohyang Holidays


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Mt Myohyang Holidays

Mt. Myohyang (also known as Myohyangsan), situated around 2 hours north of Pyongyang, is one of North Korea’s most breathtaking and popular sights. With magnificent peaks jutting out of clouds and vast slopes strewn with swathes of verdant wildlife, waterfalls and ancient Buddhist temples, the views and trekking opportunities here are spectacular and form an unforgettable part of any North Korea tour itinerary. Besides admiring the scenery, there is plenty else to discover at Mt. Myohyang, not least the quite extraordinary International Friendship Exhibition. Spread over two expansive museums built into the mountains like the lair of a James Bond villain, the exhibition consists of countless corridors and halls overflowing with tens of thousands of gifts given to Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il from foreign dignitaries.

Some of the more notable offerings include a bullet-proof limousine from Stalin, a crocodile skin suitcase from Castro, a metal horseman from Colonel Gaddafi, and not forgetting a lovely vase from Regent Holidays. While many visitors travel non-stop from Pyongyang to Mt. Myohyang, there are a couple of worthwhile stop-offs en route including the intriguing Anju City and a gigantic cave complex where the eccentric local guides take pleasure in pointing out the phallic nature of the stalagmites and stalactites.

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