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Nampo Holidays

Our North Korea tours take you firmly off the tourist map to places very rarely seen by outsiders, and a visit to the port city of Nampo exemplifies our commitment of doing much more than just scratch the surface of this enigmatic country. An hour’s drive from Pyongyang via the Hero Youth Highway – a road built by children as young as 8-years-old to a length of 42.162km in honour of Kim Jong-il’s birth date - Nampo is a brilliant example of an authentic industrial North Korean city and provides a somewhat more down to earth view of the country in contrast to the pomp and ceremony of the capital.

The main attraction in Nampo is the West Sea Barrage, a vast system of dams and locks that opens up the Taedong River to mainly local ships but also international imports such as aid from America. There is an interesting visitor’s centre here detailing how the barrage was built and how it works. Other fascinating sights include the Nampo Orphanage and the Chongsan Co-operative  Farm, each giving a unique insight into how North Koreans are raised and how they work. The large naval presence here means that visits can sometimes be restricted, but no tour of North Korea would be complete without a little bureaucratic wrangling.

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