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Christina Gibbons
Belarus Travel Specialist

Still a largely rural economy, Belarus is a land of picturesque villages, wide plains, forests, lakes and national parks where bison, bears and wolves still roam free. It may not be one of Europe’s most talked about countries, but it certainly does still have its place in history. Plus, after flying under the radar of western tourists, it remains relatively crowd-free.

Despite the capital’s lack of sights from the pre-war years, travellers can still find many reminders of the Soviet period in Minsk; Communist-era buildings and statues of Lenin now rub shoulders with a growing helping of fine restaurants, trendy cafes, art galleries and a smattering of sophisticated shops.

To get under the skin of the county, opt to travel outside of the capital, where the beautiful UNESCO-listed 16th-century castle in Mir and the former palace of the Radzicili Family are waiting to be discovered. Belarus has plenty to attract lovers of military history and those fascinated by the Soviet period. Visit the Stalin Line Open-Air Museum to experience the living conditions of the troops inside the pillboxes and battlements, as well as clamber over tanks and other military hardware from WWII and the Cold War.

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   Belavezhskaya Pushcha

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Regent Belarus Specialist

Christina Gibbons
Belarus is one of the easiest places to experience an authentic taste of the Soviet Union; its visa-free entry process makes it a fantastic, cheaper option for visitors interested in visiting Russia but would like to avoid the faff of visiting the embassy in London to arrange their Russian visas. Here, with its perfectly-preserved relics from this fascinating era of history, it can be like stepping back into a bygone era. Society here is incredibly safe and well-ordered, and visitors always experience the friendliest of welcomes.

Christina's Tips
Head to Belavezhskaya Puscha National Park to experience over 1,300sq km of primeval forest, home to the last European bison.
At Brest Railway Museum, travellers interested in the Soviet Era can see a locomotive named after Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB.
Sample draniki. Made using potatoes, these potatoes are hot, fluffy and served with homemade sour cream.

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