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Carl Meadows
North Korea Travel Specialist

The world’s most secretive state, this elusive nation provokes intrigue like no other.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea for short, has long kept itself isolated from the prying eyes of the west. Naturally, there are always questions about visiting North Korea.

But, slowly this fiercely nationalist society is opening its doors for tours – escorted by government guides, of course.

Though the communist-echoing Juche ideology and undying loyalty to the Supreme Leader is imposing, ever-present and often fundamentally bizarre, pioneering tourism through the DPRK remains an enriching and truly unique affair.

North Korea Tours

Now over thirty years since our group tours first entered the country, visitors to this perplex sate still find it as fascinating as ever.

With every passing year, more and more of the remote regions, coastal towns and small villages open up to accept foreign tourists – and, with our roots in pioneering new travel experiences, we’re always the first to take travellers to the frontier of what’s possible.

We charter helicopters on our North Korea tours to:

  • Take you to remote regions,
  • Visit communal farms and kindergartens,
  • Offer hikes to the summit of the stunning mountains near the China border,
  • Sample the Pyongyang brewery and
  • Enter the iconic blue huts which straddle the North-South border at the DMZ under a watchful military eye (or three).

Experiencing the Hermit Kingdom

Our tours, long or short, are designed to get you under the skin of North Korea and provide a deeper exploration than just visiting Pyongyang – many of which are also timed to coincide with some of the country’s biggest annual events and celebrations, in which guests can experience the nation in full swing, pomp and propaganda.

Regent North Korea Specialist

Carl Meadows

Carl Meadows
North Korea Travel Specialist
Now is the time to visit this elusive nation. Could the wind of change which swept across much of the globe a generation ago finally be reaching North Korea? With Trump and Kim enjoying a tête-à-tête and increasing dialogue between North & South, those yearning to witness history in the making should get to the country fast, before the last nail in the coffin of communism is hammered down, changing this fascinating country irreversibly. As money slowly creeps in the quality of services in North Korea, from the food and accommodation through to the variety of sights tourists may visit increase year on year. There has never been a better time to visit this country which, before too long, may not exist as we know it today.

Carl's Tips
Head off on a hike through the rugged peaks, verdant valleys and trickling waterfalls of Mount Myohyang, Kumgang or Paekdu.
Take in the sights of the capital aboard one of Pyongyang's fantastic vintage trolleybusses.
Despite being government owned, the farms open for tourist visits give you a glimpse into life in rural North Korea.

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