North Korea Holidays


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North Korea Holidays

North Korea HolidaysOver thirty years after Regent began organising North Korea holidays, visitors to this perplexing country still find it a fascinating and rewarding visit. As the leading UK experts on travel to North Korea, we work closely with the local authorities to develop pioneering tours which push the boundaries of tourism and travel even to the country's lesser-visited remote regions. We pride ourselves on offering once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences which venture far deeper into North Korea than just the capital, Pyongyang. 

Our extensive travel offering includes taking charter flights up to Mt Paekdu and Mt Myohyang to discover - and perhaps even take a hike through - the beautiful mountainous regions near the China border, visiting villages and cooperative farms in Hamhung, stepping inside the DMZ huts at the border, and attending national celebrations. 

Part of the experience of a North Korea holiday is to expect the unexpected; visitors who are willing to 'go with the flow' a little are always rewarded with an intriguing and memorable trip. Tours typically include the opportunity to join in with local customs and ay flowers at the foot of the 20 metre-tall statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, visit the DMZ and the iconic blue huts which straddle the North-South border with an army escort, admire thousands of obscure offerings to the DPRK leaders at the International Friendship Exhibition and, if on a special group tour, attend any bright and colourful celebrations that take place during national holidays.

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North Korea holidays are perfect for pioneering tourists yearning to break the mould and engage in a truly unique holiday experience. Those with an interest in politics will be fascinated by the propaganda and the totalitarian nature of life here while learning about how the country came to be at politicised landmarks such as the DMZ.

Our North Korea holidays offer an insight into a notoriously secretive nation. Visit Panmunjom in the DMZ where you can gaze across the border at the stony-faced South Korean guards and even enter one of the huts that straddle the border. Learn about life on a co-operative farm and make sure you buy some propaganda as a memento of your visit to this curiosity.




30 Years in North Korea

In 1985, Regent Holidays became the first UK Tour Operator to arrange North Korea holidays. Today, we send more tourists to the DPRK than any other UK operator, and we are the recommended UK booking agent for tourists visiting the DPRK by KITC (Korea International Travel Company), the state-run body within North Korea that handles the vast majority of foreign tourists. 

In 2015 we celebrated 30 years of operating tours to North Korea. We have created a wide range of tours and many will coincide with local holidays and anniversaries. We are lucky enough to have been granted access to previously unseen areas of the country to take our groups to. 

In 2013, our North Korea expert Carl Meadows was Highly Commended in the Wanderlust World Guide Awards for his exceptional guiding in this unique and fascinating country.

During Carl's years with Regent Holidays, he has visited North Korea over 20 times.

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