Alternative Asia Railway Holidays

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Alternative Asia Railway Holidays

At Regent Holidays we believe that to get under the skin of other countries, travellers should recognise that often the journey matters just as much the destination – especially when that journey travels through epic landscapes and stops at a whole host of intriguing destinations. The vast desert lands, mountain ranges and steppe of Central Asia are dotted with ancient cities and traditional communities that live their lives far from the beaten track, making the central Asian Republics prime contenders for a railway holiday

Follow in the footsteps of the early Silk Road traders, crossing through the rolling steppe and shimmering desert towns of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan aboard a private train. Or, now that the FGO’s travel restrictions for Iran have been lifted, speak to a Regent Holidays Asia Explorer about uncovering Iran’s spectacularly preserved archaeological citadels, ornate blue-domed mosques and Persian palaces. 

Taiwan by Train & Kinmen Island
Taroko National Park
Kinmen Island
Sun Moon Lake
12 days from £2995 per person
An incredible network of trains link the bustling Taipei with Taiwan’s national parks and historic towns. From the capital take an excursion on ...
Tour Taiwan by Train
Taroko National Park
Sun Moon Lake
Tai Chung
13 days from £3095 per person
Travel through the incredible network of trains that link the bustling Taipei with Taiwan’s national parks and historic towns. From the capital ...
Legendary Silk Road (Tashkent to Almaty)
15 days from £6375 per person
3rd Oct - 17th Oct 2024, 27th Mar - 10th Apr 2025
From the incredible architecture of Tashkent to the cosmopolitan city of Almaty, discover the beauty of Central Asia by rail on the Orient Silk Road E...
Legendary Silk Road (Almaty to Tashkent)
15 days from £6375 per person
15th Oct - 29th Oct 2024, 8th Apr - 22nd Apr 2025
Embark on an enchanting rail journey with the Orient Silk Road Express, exploring the beauty of Central Asia from the cosmopolitan allure of Almaty to...

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