Draktsho Vocational Centre

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Draktsho Vocational Centre

Draktsho Vocational Training Centre in Thimphu was estalished as a service-oriented civil society organisation (CSO) which aspires to enhance the living standards of disabled youths in Bhutan. The Centre strongly believes that everybody should have the right to be independent and equal, the power to choose and to live their lives to its fullest potential.

Disability is prevalent in Bhutan and affects all age groups and although attitudes towards disabled people and other minority groups within the country are slowly changing and becoming more positive, there is still an immense lack of understanding about disabilities and the difficulties they impose. This lack of awareness imposes constraints preventing people with disabilities from living their lives in a way equal to non-disabled people. 

One of the greatest challenges for Draktsho is to erase the deeply embedded stigma that the disabled cannot learn and earn a living. Through training and eventual integration into the mainstream population, Draktsho aims to equip disadvantaged youths with the tools to help themselves by teaching the trainees basic literacy and numeracy and vocational skills to enhance their opportunities for gainful employment.  They also aim to build the trainees self-esteem and self-reliance allowing them to be more independent, confident and contributing members of society. 
For every booking to Bhutan a charitable donation will be made in your name(s) towards the improtant work they are doing here. If you wish, we can also arrange a visit to the Centre to see the important work being carried out at the Centre.