River Cruise Questions & Answers

River Cruise Questions & Answers

Q: Can I use electrical equipment in the cabins on Russian River Cruises?
A: For safety reasons hair dryers and travel kettles cannot be used in the cabins.  There are several hairdryers available from the ship’s reception, or you can take advantage of the on board hairdresser.  Tea and coffee are included at each meal.  Soft drinks, mineral water and alcoholic drinks can be purchased in the restaurant at meal times or from the bars.  It is not advisable to drink tap water. Throughout the ship the current is 220 volts so you will need an adapted to charge your phone etc.

Q: What is the dress code on the Russian River cruise ships?
A: Dress code is casual on board but you might wish to dress up for the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell cocktail parties.  Comfortable footwear is strongly recommended on excursions. In Orthodox churches and monasteries in Russia women are expected to cover their heads.
Q: On Russian River cruises what currencies can I use and are there exchange facilities?
A: Payment can be made in Russian roubles, euros or US dollars cash.  Whilst sailing you can have a bar tab and pay for this before arrival in Moscow or St. Petersburg by credit/debit card.  There are no exchange facilities on board but in both Moscow and St. Petersburg there are ATM’s everywhere.
Q: How much am I expected to give in gratuities?
A: Of course tipping is at your discretion but guidance notes and an envelope will be placed in your cabin towards the end of the cruise.  Six euros per person, per day are recommended.  A receptacle for tip envelopes will be on the reception counter.
Q: I am vegetarian.  On Russian River cruises will there be any non-meat dishes?
A: As long as you advise the cruise company no later than a month in advance special diets can be accommodated. Breakfast is buffet style with a wide range of foods.  For lunch and dinner there is a choice of both Russian and international dishes.  During the cruise you can choose between meat, fish or vegetarian dishes.
Q: Are you permitted to smoke on Russian River Cruise boats?
A: There are dedicated smoking areas on the outside decks
Q: What if I am taken ill?
A: A medical attendant is always available on board
Q: If I run out of toiletries is it possible to buy any on board?
A: You can purchase essentials from the reception desk including envelopes and stamps.
Q: Are the excursions and entertainment compulsory!
A: There is a full programme of excursions included but nobody is going to force you to participate.  Every evening there is some form of entertainment but again you do not have to take part.  Optional extra excursions are offered for ballet/theatre tickets or special visits.
Q: Can I alter the temperature in my cabin on board Russian River Cruises
A: The ship is air-conditioned and each cabin has its own controls
Q: Can I have my clothes laundered?
A: There is a laundry service on board, which is handled by your cabin stewardess.  Just complete the form and leave your laundry on the bed.

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