Dumaguete Holidays


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Dumaguete Holidays

Located in the heart of the Philippines, Dumaguete is a stunning but frequently underestimated destination. Celebrated for its serene coastal ambience, it provides a tranquil retreat from urban life, with Rizal Boulevard surrounded by swaying palm trees and crystal-blue waters - a perfect setting for relaxation. Acting as the entry point for nature enthusiasts and underwater lovers, Dumaguete leads to the captivating Apo Island, recognised globally for its breathtaking coral gardens, diverse marine life, and thriving community of sea turtles. Beyond nature, Dumaguete's bustling gastronomic sector offers a varied range of local and international cuisines. Whether you like cosy local diners or attractive coastal restaurants, the city offers a gastronomic delight for everyone. The warm hospitality of Dumaguete locals ensures visitors feel welcomed and at home, and engaging with the community adds an authentic touch to your journey, providing a personal insight into Filipino culture.

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