10 Great Places to Travel Solo

10 Great Places to Travel Solo

10 Great Places to Travel Solo

Solo travel is a time of enlightenment, an experience during which you'll have the opportunity to reflect on life and discover its many wonders. Whether you aim to step out of your comfort zone or immerse yourself somewhere brand new, exploring the path less travelled opens you up to a world of endless possibilities. So, where are the best travel destinations for solo travellers across the globe?

From meeting friendly locals to walking along beautiful beaches and witnessing spectacular sights such as the northern lights, here are our ten great places to travel solo – perfect for escorted group tours.

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1. Romania

Romania is one of the best European destinations for solo travellers. In its capital city, Bucharest, you can safely visit the Palace of Parliament, Arch of Triumph and Village Museum all in one spectacular day trip. Within Transylvania, you'll even be able to hike through rugged mountains and inviting valleys. Or you may want to pay Dracula a visit and explore the iconic hill-top castle by yourself or with an expert guide.

During our Romania Photography Group Tour, you'll meet up with fellow travellers and journey through some of the country's most mesmerising landscapes. Led by our resident travel specialist/photography expert, Jonathan Moffat, this adventure focuses on nature and culture while showcasing unique sites, from the Danube Delta to rural Romani communities and more.

"For those looking to kick start a passion for photography and just learn how things work, my role is to help teach you about your camera and how best to use it. For those a little more advanced, I will be on hand to help you think about composition to push your skills further and hopefully unlock the next chapter of your photographic journey." – Jonathan Moffat, Regent Travel Specialist

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2. Bulgaria

A solo trip to Bulgaria is a wonderful experience. The wild mountain ranges are peppered with remote mountain villages while areas of Sofia's grey Soviet architecture are interspersed with manicured parks and glossy upmarket hotels. In addition, you'll find many open-minded people of all walks of life. There are English-speaking inhabitants, but it's polite to learn various Bulgarian phrases to help you along the way.

To learn more about the country, why not join our Landscapes & Traditions of Bulgaria Group Tour? With no single supplements for rooms, busy days exploring ancient ruins and visiting iconic areas like Rusenski Lom National Park, you're bound to enjoy a fantastic solo adventure. Not only that, but it also includes various traditional dining experiences along with the group so you don't have to eat out alone.

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3. Philippines

One of the best Asian countries to travel solo is the Philippines, its mix of beautiful cities, friendly locals and rich history making it endlessly fascinating, welcoming and warm. Lose yourself in surreal limestone formations and enchanting caves, from Kapurpurawan to Puerta Princesa, and discover captivating nature experiences like scuba diving in Coron or hiking Mayon Volcano.

A unique blend of adventure, nature and cultural exploration, our Culture and Peaks Group Tour will astonish and amaze you from start to finish. Interact with local communities, experience the rich indigenous culture of the Ifugao people and visit Vigan, a well-preserved Spanish colonial town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banaue Rice Terraces, often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World, will leave you in utter awe.

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4. Kosovo

Whether it's admiring the Emin Gjiku Ethnographic museum in Prishtina or spending time at the iconic 16th-century Stone Bridges in Prizren, Kosovo is a solo adventurer's paradise. There's plenty of things to see and do, including visits to glistening waterfalls and abundant mosques. It's also great for city breaks and cultural expeditions, but also independent exploration – a true hidden gem in the heart of the Balkans.

Discover why Prizren is the jewel in Kosovo's crown and visit UNESCO-listed monasteries with our A Short Break in Kosovo Group Tour. Featuring no single supplements for rooms and unique experiences such as learning about the region's tumultuous history at Sultan Murat II's tomb, this small group tour is ideal for solo travel. See the Old Hammam, walk to ruined castles and find the so called 'Sleeping Beauty' cave.

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5. Azores

In the Azores, nine tiny islands form a nature-rich Portuguese archipelago that harbour the most lush, green vegetation and spectacular volcanic lakes. When visiting São Miguel, its largest and most populous island, the friendly locals will welcome you with open arms. It's also considered one of the safest locations in Western Europe. As a result, it's a great option if you're thinking of travelling alone.

During our São Miguel Discovery Group Tour, you'll embark on a series of day trips and are free to explore or dine at leisure in the evenings. Sete Cidades, a popular national park in the west, features prominently alongside a city tour of Ribeira Grande. Similarly, in our Explore the Azores Group Tour, you can explore the national park and explore Angra do Heroísmo, home to Se Cathedral and the City Museum.

“Take a dip in the thermal pool at Terra Nostra on São Miguel; the warm, brown water is charged with essential minerals. Additionally, be sure to experience Cozido das Furnas, a Portuguese dish cooked in the ground by volcanic steam for around six hours!” – Andrea Godfrey, Regent Product Manager

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6. Iceland

Holidays to Iceland offer everything a solo traveller could dream about experiencing alone. Witnessing the magical northern lights dance above you is spellbinding and the Golden Circle's Gullfoss waterfall and Strokkur geyser both extraordinary. Popular destinations to visit include the beautiful city of Reykjavík and the Vatnajökull and Kötlujökull glaciers, which naturally form when freezing during the winter months.

On top of this, Iceland consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are low, the majority of Icelanders speak English fluently and, outside of Reykjavík, it feels remote, meaning you can seek solitude and connect with nature better. Also, Icelanders are well-known for their friendliness and welcoming attitude while the excellent excursion providers make it easy to join a group tour.

"East Iceland is a hiker's paradise with volcanic terrain, walking trails, hidden waterfalls and mountains littered throughout the landscapes. To really get up close with nature, step inside a man-made ice cave to walk inside the Langjökull Glacier." – Ella Stearns, Regent Travel Specialist

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7. Estonia

The unique blend of rich history, fascinating culture and natural beauty in Estonia ensure it's one of the best places for first time solo travel. English is widely spoken by the friendly locals, especially in urban areas and tourist hubs, while the atmosphere is warm and inviting. During your exploration of Tallinn, the capital, discover how seamlessly the designer malls merge with the gleaming skyscrapers.

Tartu was voted European City of Culture 2024. Its 1000+ festivals and events you can join span from architecture tours to street and contemporary art exhibitions, light installations, music, film and culinary festivals as well as LGBTQ+ events. The theme, 'Arts of Survival', focuses on 'the knowledge, skills and values that will help us lead a good life in the future.'

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8. Latvia

Rolling plains, red brick Gothic buildings, remarkable forests – Latvia is inhabited by diverse landscapes and impressive architecture almost everywhere you look. The Baltic States are relatively small and well-connected, making it easy if you're solo travelling and want to explore multiple destinations within a short period. Plus, they have great public transport that we can book for you prior to your visit.

A day trip to Riga offers ample opportunities to explore. The wonderful city parks that separate the UNESCO-listed Old Town from the modern New Town are lush and beautiful; St. Peter’s Church is an iconic landmark that towers high above the region; and the restaurants mix local and international cuisine using fresh produce to create an exciting gastronomic journey.

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9. Lithuania

Seeing the atmospheric Hill of Crosses at Šiauliai and exploring the merchant houses of Klaipėda are two of Lithuania's greatest experiences. This culturally rich country has five stunning national parks harbouring untouched nature and historical villages with monuments that depict the area's local folklore. You'll even discover naturally formed sand dunes in the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Additionally, the capital, Vilnius, is one of the best cities for solo travel. Step back in time by walking through Baroque Old Town and witness the diversity of influences from Germany to Poland and Scandinavia. The vibrant cafés, fashionable bars and hidden eateries serve up traditional Lithuanian dishes and beverages for you to savour. If you visit in June, you must attend Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. Pink, fresh, creamy, šaltibarščiai is a cold beetroot soup adored by Lithuanians – and is the first festival of its kind, set to paint the capital bright pink.

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10. Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a popular destination where crime rates are incredibly low and the friendly locals are trusting. Embark on a guided hiking tour through the winding mountain trails to see stunning scenery and admire outstanding views across the North Atlantic and Norwegian Sea. As well as this, you can head to Tórshavn to see its traditional old turf-roofed farmhouses and spend an afternoon dining with locals.

For a complete experience, join fellow travellers on our A Short Break in the Faroes Group Tour. Explore the beautiful beach on Sandoy Island and pass the famous rock formation of the Giant and the Witch on Eysturoy Island. Alternatively, you can experience breathtaking scenery, beautiful lakes and historic architectural treasures on our Faroe Islands In Depth Group Tour.

"Why not step back in time at Tvøroyri's historic grocery store, Gamla Pub & Café? Alternatively, you can walk between Tjørnuvík and Saksun villages by crossing the 764m Melin mountain. It's a spectacularly scenic trail where you'll discover Dúvugarða, a several hundred years-old listed farmhouse that now functions as a museum." – Robert Longstaff, Regent Travel Specialist

Ready to travel solo?

If you've landed on your perfect destination from our ten great places to travel solo, speak with one of our Regent Travel Specialists to start planning your one-of-a-kind adventure.

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