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Geiranger Holidays

The small village of Geiranger is nestled at the head of the magnificent, UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord. The fairy-tale like landscape of the Geirangerfjord has earn it the reputation of being the most beautiful fjord in the world and is understandably one of the most popular natural attractions in Norway.

The dramatic scenery is punctuated by the soaring, snow-capped mountains that surround the fjord, their sheer cliffs plummeting almost vertically into its sapphire depths, accented by the abandoned farmsteads which cling precariously to the cliff-sides. Lush greenery and wild waterfalls, which veil the mountainsides in mist and rainbows simply lend themselves to the claims that this is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. 

As the fjord's gateway village, during the summer months Geiranger is inundated with a heavy flow of tourists making the daily pilgrimage by tour bus and cruise ship to see the fjord and flood the village, slightly marring the enchanting atmosphere of village itself. Those who opt to spend a few nights in this port town will be rewarded by the peace and tranquillity that returns to the port town in the evenings once the day visitors recede.

Regent Recommends

Fjord Cruise

A fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord is a must do activity for any visitor to the area. There are many options available, including the Hurtigruten Ferry which makes daily trips between Geiranger and Ålesund. This is the only way to easily travel the length of the fjord and allows you to see the regions most famous waterfalls including the Seven Sisters and the Suitor which sits parallel to it, as well as the Bridal Veil.

Sea Kayaking

For the more adventurous explorer, sea kayaking is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with the fjord. Silently paddling across the stunning blue depth of the fjord allows you to fully appreciate the incredible scale of your surroundings while getting in a great work out!

Take a Hike

Hiking is an excellent way to get away from the port crowds and find quite bit of fjord all to yourself. The region boasts plenty of fantastic hiking opportunities, many of which are easily accessible directly from the village. Walks range in duration and difficulty and can be tackled independently or with an experienced guide.

Find a Viewpoint

With a landscape this spectacular you'd be remised if you didn't make your way to one of the popular viewpoints in the area. Flydalsjuvet viewpoint (about 4 km from Geiranger centre) is a fabulous option to get that perfect panoramic, as is the popular Dalsnibba Lookout at Geiranger Skywalk (tolls apply) which allows you to take in your surroundings at an impressive 1500 m above sea level.

The Eagle Road

Unless you arrive by boat, this is a highlight you'll have not choice but to experience. Driving the Eagle Road is not for the faint of heart; 11 hairpin turns lead down a very steep section of road ending in Geiranger. The view for the fjord from the road is beautiful and the drive itself is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. 

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